e - Knowledgebases 2021

Electronics Company articlesSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2021 • 12.10.2021

e - Knowledgebases 2021
e - Knowledgebases 2021
e - Knowledgebases 2021

By dipl-Ing. Zoltàn Kiss Export director and leader of the Budapest based R&D center of Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH.

The electronics component distribution faces many challenges nowadays, long lead-times, allocation situations make the life of conventional "box-moving type" of distributors harder and harder. New logistics concepts raising up and new gigantic players like Amazon and others are knocking on the doors of manufacturers offering tailor made solutions to distribute products also on the field of electronics. Only those companies will survive, who are able to offer extra services over conventional distribution tasks, such as design-in, advising, all what require KNOWLEDGE. Endrich, one of Europe’s leading design-in distributor has discovered the necessity of this and started to build up several knowledgebases for its customers. Time to talk about them…


Book series and dedicated website for technical writings

As in every single issue of this magazine, Endrich publishes dozens of technical white papers and articles in electronics newspapers and online media all over Europe each year. These publications are rather deep technical ones, not only marketing related texts, but detailed descriptions of solutions of all field of electronics. In the last 10 years over 120 of those writings have been published. Endrich offers a collection of those publications in a form of a printed book series free of charge for its customers on fairs, conferences, international exhibitions and as Christmas present. The book series has won the Grand Prix of one of the biggest Eastern European technical exhibition- the HUNGExpo Industry Days 2016- in Budapest. During Electronica 2018 Munich the articles have been published also online on their dedicated website.


The Endrich publication website

http://electronics-articles.com has reached by today almost 13500 readers, with a stabile 500 visits every months. Very interesting, that countries, where Endrich does not yet have a daughter company are also represented with major share. Due to the strong media presence and the well built "Endrich" brand name, Hungary is number one in users’ share, but surprisingly USA is the second in delivering readers to our online technical knowledgebase. Very important is that due to the built in Search Engine Optimization nearly 66% of the visitors find us by organic search (Google). The remaining 34% comes from direct promotions, and social media campaigns. This is the reason that electronics-articles.com has nearly the same number of readers in South Korea than in Germany. Since the content is 100% technical, customer will not consider it as commercial "spam", so direct mailing is also a way to distribute them. All articles can be freely used, shared, downloaded, printed, sent in English and in Hungarian. These articles can be used not only as material for design engineers, but we at Endrich are also using them for our sales engineering force as good references of suggested technologies on customer meetings. The authors are very proud, that the digital knowledgebase has also been awarded with the Special Grand Prize of Industry Days 2020 at HungExpo, so both the printed and the online versions are award winning products by now.


New website for Endrich E-IoT platform

As a component distributor Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH is fully engaged in supporting IoT projects of its customers and developed an IoT Device family based on key components provided by its leading suppliers: the E-IoT Ecosystem. As every customer require different mix of functions, the product family acts as a demonstration system and the E-IoT platform offers the following services:

  • Hardware family based on "open source" concept, all schematics, design layout are available for free to our registered customers

  • Free data collection and data visualization services to the users of the Endrich IoT concept, such as free access to the Endrich Cloud Database Service and the Endrich Data Visualization Gateway

  • Free hardware and software guide available in a printed form "E-IoT concept - hardware and software guide by Zoltan Kiss"

A new dedicated website has been created for the E-IoT concept, which is in fact - just as the above mentioned book - a complete hardware and software guide to build own IoT solution by using Endrich components.

The site is free to access to every Endrich customers, where all underlaying technologies are described and explained, hardware circuit design and software code sniplets are provided to customers in order to be able to realize popular IoT solutions, boosting our sales of components.

Site can be accessed at e-iot.info (optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets) and the detailed manual is at https://e-iot.info/e-iot-platform-hardware-software-manual/index.html

A video about the award winning E-IOT platform (HungExpo Grand Prix 2020, Product Prize), the Endrich IoT EcoSystem is available on the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcH8h1u43Egl .



Zoltàn Kiss
Sales manager - Eastern Europe
e-mail: z.kiss@endrich.com