e-IoT success strories in 2022

Electronics Company articlesSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2022 • 12.07.2022

e-IoT success strories in 2022
e-IoT success strories in 2022
e-IoT success strories in 2022


Zoltan Kiss, Export Manager - Head of R&D - Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH

In this paper we are a little out of the habit and instead of presenting technical details, we want to talk a little bit about the success of Endrich´s development team in recent weeks and months at domestic and international exhibitions and forums. The 2020 debut of the E-IoT concept at the EmbeddedWord 2020 exhibition in Nuremberg has already predicted that the engineering community in the field of IoT will welcome the introduction of a complete test infrastructure to support their work in terms of components, turnkey solutions and software services. This has been deatiled in a number of white papers in SEEIM magazine as well. Based on this experience, the management of Endrich GmbH has opened the way for the establishment of the Budapest Competence Center and the further development of the concept, which will enable product development in the near future at a conventional distribution company operating originally on the field of electronics components. At the Hungexpo Industry Days exhibition, which was held in October 2020 being the first to allow physical appearance after the pandemic, Endrich ”won„ grand prizes in two categories. Of course, the developments then continued with steam power, and we also wanted to scale ourselves internationally.

The first international competition we took part in was the AMA Innovation Award competition related to the Sensor + Test 2022 exhibition. The E-IoT concept - although being not among the four winning entries - was mentioned in  the top thirty innovations to be included in this year‚s catalog.

At the same time, we took part in several 2022 spring competitions, of which the Yettel IoT LiveShow and the Hungexpo Industry Days exhibition stood out in Hungary. In the first event, based on the audience votes, we were not far behind the winning entry, but the second event brought us a very valuable result. As the concept has already won the 2020 Exhibition Grand Prix, this year we competed with one of the special applications that builds on the E-IoT concept, but puts it in a real industrial environment, using it to support preventive maintenance. One of the next issues of the magazine, we will report in detail about the telemetry unit for intelligent UV-C air purification equipment developed with our sister company, euroLighting GmbH, This device and the surrounding hardware and software infrastructure were chosen by us as this year‚s entry. To our great delight, the competition (”SMART-loT-Kit„ unit and ”Smart„ air purifier, which complements traditional equipment with remote monitoring and telemetry functions) won the Grand Prix of 2022 and Industry Days, Mastech and Automotive Expo.Together with Mr. Wolfgang Endrich, our founding owner and CEO of euroLigting GmbH, we have been handed out the trophy by Dr. Laszlo Gyorgy, State Secretary for Economic Strategy and Regulation of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, at the opening ceremony in May this year.

And even then, this dream series did not end, as in the meantime the E-IoT concept received a valuable nomination in the annual German Innovation Award competition organized by the German Design Council. The nomination itself is a recognition we were proud of, as the jury is made up of professionals who come across more valuable developments every day at the head of the innovation centers of the leading companies in the field. This year‚s awards were juried by Dr Elias Knubben, Vice President of Research and Innovation at Festo, Christina Wang, Managing Director of Lufthansa‚s Innovation Hub, Michael Kruzaa, Development Manager at Deutsche Telekom and many other renowned German experts. To our great pleasure, the family of products and services born in Endrich‚s Budapest office, dreamed up, designed and continuously developed by Hungarian engineers, won the German Innovation Award 2022 in the Excellence in Business to Business, at category Connectivity (https://www.german-innovation-award.de/en/winners/preis/gewinner/endrich-iot-plattform-hardware-software-toolkit). It was a pleasure for me to receive the prize - together with Dr Christiane Endrich, CEO of the Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH - at the May 24 gala in Berlin at the Futurium Museum.

Of course, the awards themselves - although we are extremely proud of them - are merely of sentimental and marketing value, but in the same time utilizing the concept can bring real success. We work hard to reach this every day in both area I manage, in international sales we look for channels where real (IoT related) product needs to be developed, and with the staff of the Budapest development center we try to figure out in advance the directions where we can expect further success. Another such area is the extension of the E-IoT concept with a local wireless MESH sensor network, where the E-IoT single-board computer serves as a Gateway to the IP World for lithium-battery-powered intelligent sensors operating in the 868 MHz ISM band. Of course, here too we use NarrowBand and LTE-M technologies to help bring data to the cloud. This new concept has been unveiled for the first time at the EmbeddedWorld 2022 exhibition in Nuremberg, where Endrich aims to promote the E-IoT concept almost entirely, focusing on our new slogen ”Making your device SMART!„. This new product line is to be further extended and expected to be shown at the SIDO exhibitions in Lyon and Paris in the autumn, in Bulgaria at the International Fair in Plovdiv and at the Electronica 2022 exhibition in Munich.

And last but not least, I would like to thank my colleagues Csaba Kocsis and Zsolt Veresegyhazy for backing me up on this joyful but bumpy road and achieving these successes together.




Zoltán Kiss, Export Director
e-mail: z.kiss@endrich.com