MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2014

Duzgunler Plastic has a 30.000 m2 closed production area (total area - 100.000m2). Being aware of the importance of getting and applying new technologies, Duzgunler Plastic manufacture machines itself for its production activities by designed and projected own research and development department.

Duzgunler Plastic produce high quality product serial and order request according to international norms as TS, EN and ISO with applying ISO 9001:2000 Qualtiy managment system. Main production activities are: PVC well casing and Screen pipes and fittings, PVC potable pressure water pipes and fittings, PE Infrastructure Pipes Systems, PVC Column Pipes (submersible pumps), Irrigation pipes (sprinkling-dripping) and fittings, Plastic processing and complemantary machines and equipments.

"Duzgunler Plastic mission is to improve its knowledge and experience for the future by preserving the good image. Duzgunler Plastic has adopted providing the best service and quality to its customers in all of the sectors as a principle since it was first established with its specialized, experinced and disciplined staff", the company said.