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Domel is a global developmental supplier of electric vacuum motors for wet and dry applications, DC motors, electronically commutated motors for ventilation, pumping and air conditioning systems, garden applications and components made using company own custom tools and technologies.

Domel grew out of the Niko metalworking cooperative, which was established by 16 local people from Zelezniki on the 27th of April 1946. The cooperative acquired its name from the first cooperative member and driving force in its founding, Niko Zumer.

With some machines taken from a craft workshop and made operational, the cooperative started up the production of recording device mechanisms. The volume of work rapidly increased and the number of employees grew. By the end of the first year there were already 59 cooperative members. The increase of employment gave rise to an expansion of the product lines, which spread from office materials to laboratory apparatus.

"In developing our products we start with laboratory simulations, which are a precondition for the creation of construction designs that result in optimal functioning, high efficiency, long lifetime and environmental friendliness," says Domel’s corporate website.

The development of the motors is based on numerical methods and simulations of aerodynamics, electromagnetics, rotodynamics, durability and further optimization using Domel’s own development tools.

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