Dinex, SEEIM - issue 4, 2012


We would be very pleased to serve enquiries from South East European customers

Interview with Mr. Istvan Keviczky, general manager of DINEX, Hungary

1.Dear Mr. Keviczky, where does your company position itself on the current industrial market and what does your product range involve in SMT area?

We supply electronic manufacturers with good quality secondhand SMT machines, new Drying Cabinets and consumables for SMT production. The first product group mainly consists of Surface Mount Machines, chip shooters, SMT Printers, Reflow Ovens, Conveyors, AOI Machines, telecom test equipment, etc. The second product group makes the drying cabinets (McDRY from Japan and Dr. Storage from Taiwan), SMT laser cut stencils, special labels and label printers (Zebra, CAB), RFID labels and printers and some other consumables that are inevitable for today’s SMT production basically. In used SMT equipment we can offer almost every type of machines, like PANASONIC, SIEMENS, FUJI, JUKI, i-Pulse, Yamaha, Samsung, Universal, Hitachi and Assembleon. We can provide customers with spare parts for some of the machines, used and new SMT feeders. We can supply spare parts for SIEMENS SIPLACE machines, SMT feeders for those machines. It is a good example to explain that we were able to supply some pneumatic controller units for SIEMENS Gluing machine that was nearly impossible for our customer to find on the market. We’re always here on the market to help to companies in need of good quality products on advantageous prices.

2.What type of additional service(s) do you provide on the market?

We have quite good relations with EMS companies in Hungary, accordingly we can help to people in need of professional manufacturing services here. These companies involve small to medium sized EMS companies and they have the knowledge to build products for Automotive-, and Medial field. The production management has usually a long experience gained at multinational EMS and OEM companies thus they have the ability to source the parts in a relatively short time period sometimes at preferential rates. If you need any reference, please don’t hesitate to ask us, we are always open to advise you about our production capabilities and welcome you for a visit at the production site.

3.Which are the main customer groups you are targeted at?

We value all of our customers, which come from different fields in the electronics. There are designers & developers of a specific electronic product, small and mid-sized EMS companies to large global EMS and OEM companies. We can adhere to their standards and can provide the product they’re looking for. Companies from Automotive & Medical field can count on us because we can provide both machines and consumables suiting their high-end needs.

4.How important is the South-East European market for DINEX?

For us, South-East Europe has always meant a strategically important foothold in Eastern Europe. We would be very pleased to serve the enquiries of South East European customers. I personally speak Bulgarian language, besides English and Japanese, as it is my second mother tongue, so will be able to handle communication from Slavic-speaking countries.

5.How is your after-sales service organized in SEE countries? Do you offer some long-term technical support for your customers?

Basically we provide 1-2 years warranty for the products that we sell in new condition. For used equipment it is very difficult to arrange warranty on the global market, however, we sometimes make exceptions and offer warranty for some of the spare parts. It is also possible to provide some limited warranty for some of the product groups in secondhand SMT equipment. It is always a question on what the customer is looking for. We consult with them and discuss all the details before the delivery is organized, so that no surprises come into the picture.

6.How do you evaluate the present market situation in your field of activity?

The present market atmosphere on the market is intense and bound to become more demanding in the future. Currently, due to miniaturization the demand for precise placement machines (placement accuracy of 30µm or less) becomes more and more basic requirement. Furthermore new machine manufacturers integrate functions of separate machines in one, like solder paste checking, glue dispensers and placement inspection in the placement machine, consequently these features will become available in few years on the secondhand market and will increase the production throughput & lower defect rate at customers.