Diltech held the third edition of Plastforum

MachinesNewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2017

The third edition of Plastforum, the event organized by Diltech in the field of plastics processing, took place on June 24th-25th 2017 in Plovdiv. A number of well-known manufacturers such as KraussMaffei IMM, KraussMaffei Berstorff, MotanColortronic, ONI, Regloplas and Maplan presented their latest solutions at the forum.

Guests had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the all-electric injection molding machine from KraussMaffei’s PX series - KM 80/540 PX, with integrated ServoPicker SPX 10, which was presented by the leader of its developing team Hans Malinowski, as well as a new system for independent of external and internal factors operation of injection molding machines - APC plus (Adaptive Process Control).

The new products from Regloplas - the temperature control unit P230S and the L series devices up to 200°C - were also of interest to the visitors.

"I am impressed with the high level of organization of the event," said Manuela Flammer, a representative of the company, who expects the Multiflow and Vario systems to be the in the highest demand on the Bulgarian market.

Visitors were also acquainted with the RG series slow speed granulators from Rapid Granulator and the Maplan injection molding machines.
"The price/performance ratio of our optimized vertical machine for rubber and silicon applications is a benchmark for Europe, and I think this machine meets more than 50% of the needs on the market," said Maplan’s Paul Betea.

The event continued on June 25th with discussions on the practicalities of the new PX series of injection molding machines - dimensions, settings, etc.