Delta Instrument with a new building in Sofia

EventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 5/2005

The opening party gathered the automation branch from Bulgaria

On October the 7th took place the official opening of the new office and production building of the Bulgarian manufacturer Delta Instrument in Sofia. At the celebration party were many producers of the control equipment, measurement devices and automation systems from Bulgaria. Along with the best wishes for health and success, colleagues, partners and friends of the company expressed their belief that the building is not just a success for Delta Instrument, but for the entire branch. Activities among R&D, design and production of wide range measuring and control equipment are located in a specially designed wing of the building. Besides production, the company is also trading with industrial process management equipment, measuring appliances, valves, drives, etc.

"Over 35 per cent of the production of our company is being exported. Southeast European countries are with great priority for us. We have sold production in Romania, Macedonia and Serbia. Equipment of Delta Instrument works successfully also in many EU countries, including Italy, Austria and Portugal. Important share in our exports income has even a distant country like Australia", comments market orientation of Delta Instrument its executive director dipl. eng. Mihail Mihailov. Being asked what are the main holdbacks to production companies’ development in control equipment and system automation industry in Bulgaria, Mr. Mihailov answers sincerely as always that "First, it’s the dissatisfactory infrastructure lever in the country. Second, but not by importance, it is the wide spread corruption on all government levels. And third, continuous often irrational and not well considered legislation changes". According to Mr. Evgeni Yankov, co-executive director of Delta Instrument, positive influence upon the business in Bulgaria comes from the overall country development processes, related to the entering in the EU, as well as the standardizing our legislation to the EU one. "For their survival, manufacturers of control and measurement equipment and system automation in Bulgaria have to support strong R&D and to create new products", says he additionally. Following these words, Mr. Mihailov said "It is not real to expect to gain profit from the production of popular goods. Technical solution and know-how are going to get more valuable and competitive."