LightingIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2018 • 23.11.2018


Damla LED is a leader in dynamic solid-state lighting offering innovative and integrated LED lighting solutions. Damla LED manufactures LED lighting systems and offer solutions from remote controlled user interfaces to large powerful server controlled project applications. The company offers a professional service of project design, manufacturing & installation for a broad range of LED lighting applications in both the commercial and public amenity fields.

“As Damla LED Alternative Lighting Systems Limited, we have been active in LED Lighting sector since 2001 and taking the first steps throughout the world with some of our projects, we are proud of being the first and the innovator company on the basis of production, design and application of LED Lighting in Turkey as Damla LED trademark. LED products of global companies which we are the distributor of are used as raw materials in the production and from the design of a project completely to its product design and from the manufacture of a product to its application; a project is created by a professional group in each step.

Our products are produced under TS EN ISO 9001: 2000 quality guarantee. While most of our designs are Design Registered, by always offering our customers the most appropriate, qualified and the fastest solutions as a company of principles, we have been keeping it up. Ranging from their design registers to their internationally approved component uses, our standards for manufacture are carried out in scope of our quality politics,” states the official company website.

Apart from LEDs, Damla gets raw materials from international LED manufacturers, and about 90 percent of its manufacture is produced under its company in Turkey. In addition to the standard products for manufacturing, a wide range of opportunities are offered for a special design and manufacture to the customers by our company. Damla’s aim is to expand the opportunities so as to use LED Technology in a way that will meet the customers’ needs. Keeping up with high technological developments closely occurring rapidly in the LED manufacturing sector of the world market by its electrical- electronic engineers and technician personnel, the company offers its customers solutions of good quality, appropriate and long-term in light of Research & Development works. In the future, Damla shared that it will aim to represent the companies and Turkey with the projects on a larger scale in the international platform than the previous ones they had signed up.