Corus International Bulgaria was renamed Tata Steel International

MachinesNewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2010

Corus International Bulgaria was renamed Tata Steel International, informed Joana Kehlibarova, Managing Director of the company. „Corus became a part of Tata Steel in April 2007. Since that time, the two entities have been working together to build a single enterprise based on common synergies and joint opportunities. Tata Steel, like Corus and its predecessors, has a long and rich heritage in steel, having pioneered the first integrated steelworks in Asia in 1907. Recently, Tata Steel has taken significant strides to becoming a vertically-integrated producer through a series of major mining investments around the world. It has also globalised its manufacturing base through international acquisitions and Greenfield investments. Today Tata Steel Group is one of the world’s largest and most global steelmakers with manufacturing capability across Asia, Europe, Australasia and North America“, stated Mrs. Kehlibarova.
„We are pleased that, as the face for Tata Steel Group and Corus in Bulgaria, Tata Steel International will have a key role to play in bringing the Tata Steel brand to a global audience and we look forward to continuing working as a part of this. We will continue to manage our customers’ product and service needs in the usual way. What you will notice is the Tata Steel brand and name, which will start to appear in our communications and contractual documentation from now on, reflecting our new identity. We see this very much as a positive step forward for the company“,added the Managing Director of Tata Steel International.