Construction of new production plant in Romania by Montana Tech Components

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2009

Montana Tech Components AG (MTC), a leading manufacturer of aerospace & industrial components, metal tech and varta micro power just started the construction of a highly modern "green field" production plant for aluminum extrusion in Romania for its business segment Aerospace & Industrial Components. The production is expected to start mid 2009.
The 100% American subsidiary of Montana Tech Components AG, Universal Alloy Corporation (UAC), is globally responsible for the whole aerospace division of MTC and was able to successfully finalize a long-term procurement frame contract with Airbus for heavy press extrusion, light press extrusion and machined parts. The contract runs over 5 years from 2009 until 2013.
Consequently MTC has started the construction of the new production plant in Baia Mare, Romania, by its newly founded subsidiary UAC Europe S.R.L.. The plant is needed in order to support the Airbus contract and will be managed strategically and operationally by the management of UAC. Starting with four new modern presses, also billet casting will be integrated in the medium-term.
From 2009 on the aerospace industry will therefore be supplied by two American production facilities of UAC and two European plants (Alu Menziken Holding AG, Switzerland, and UAC Europe, Romania), whereas the Swiss plant will be expanded into a competence center for components manufacturing.