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Smart Cities; Energy Efficiency and Renewables; Emergency, Safety- and Rescue ManagementExhibitions and Conferences for South-East Europe Climate change, natural resources depletion and the progress towards a ’circular economy’ drive the countries in South-East Europe to make long-term reforms in their energy and city systems. Never before have the business and urban planning decision makers had so much technology and data at their disposal. Following the global trends and responding to the market demand of economically-driven and environmentally-friendly innovations, the South-East European (SEE) ... more
SIV.BG presented cloud services at the conference in Pristina
With more than 200 participants Energy Market South East Europe 2014 was the TOP event of the South Eastern European energy industry. Including interesting topics, with speakers of a high profile and the potential for enlargement of the network, the conference was a great success. There were expert presentations from various fields such as energy issues, politics, financial or economic development.This forum provides for a third year in a row a platform for information exchange on which decision-makers from ... more
MachTech & InnoTech Expo 2015 - the business barometer for the trends in the sector of industry
The professionals from this sector may already plan their next participation in MachTech & InnoTech Expo - the specialized forum for industrial equipment, machinery and automation. It will be held from 11 to 13 March 2015 at Inter Expo Center - Sofia, alongside with another four B2B technical exhibitions. Their parallel holding allows participants and visitors to take as much as possible from the synergy effect coming from the complementarity of thematics. During 2015, MachTechExpo will expand and develop ... more
The ee-Wise project: Energy efficiency through building retrofitting in the Mediterranean region
After the European Commission adopted the Communication "Energy Efficiency Plan 2011" for saving more energy and increasing industrial competitiveness through concrete measures, strong emphasis has been put on building renovation of the existing building stock. This includes new requirements for insulation, cooling systems, hot water supply, energy consumption, use of solar energy, lighting, etc. Increasing the knowledge of energy efficient retrofit technologies and their effective implementation is essential. That is why new approaches and methods of knowledge transfer, communication ... more
Technika Consult Company with new partner products
EMCO presents the new MAXXTURN 45EMCO – world leading company in development and manufacturing of high-tech machine tools for industrial use and training purposes, presents the new high-performance machining centre MAXXTURN 45: Compact. High performance. And top precision. Many EMCO customers have been waiting for it with baited breath. And many new customers are looking forward to getting to know EMCO’s new high-performance machining centre. Because just like its big sis-ters MAXXTURN 65, 95 and 110, the MAXXTURN 45 is ... more
Inspection & Test of electronic boards -  concepts & strategies
Today typical elements of a quality system for electronic manufacturing are: manual or automatically optical inspection, in-circuit test , functional test and post-sale services - related to warranty and customer claims.Manual optical inspection of populated electronic board (PCB) - done using operators and microscopes is a flexible& cheap method used especially in East Europe, Pacific and Latin America. It has a disadvantage that only 50%-80% of errors are detected and the small components (eg: 0201,01005) are very difficult to detect. ... more
The EMCO Group


The EMCO Group
The story of success of EMCO Group began nearly 60 years ago with the production of conventional lathes. The Austrian-based group of companies has meanwhile become one of the top machine tool manufacturers in Europe with production sites in Austria, Italy, in the Czech Republic and in Germany. Innovative products, a high standard of production and an attractive design, are the primary factors for success of a company geared to confront the challenges of the market as early as possible. ... more
Pinpoint the Exact Source of All these Leaks!• REFRIGERANTS • HYDRAULICS • FUEL • WATER • COMPRESSED AIR • NATURAL GAS • PROPANE • STEAMSpectronics Corporation invented fluorescent leak detection in 1955 and has been the premier manufacturer of ultraviolet dyes and inspection lamps for over half a century. Spectonics supplies over 1,000 different products for literally hundreds of markets and applications.Spectronics also has a significant presence in the HVAC/R and industrial markets. SpectrolineТ fluorescent AC&R dyes are ASHTRAY and ... more

LATEST issue 2/2019

issue 2-2019


Schneider Electric, Radoslav Koshkov: We are planning interesting new implementations in a broad range of industries

Schneider Electric, Radoslav Koshkov: We are planning interesting new implementations in a broad range of industries

From the new Regional Manager of Schneider Electric for Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo, our readers will learn details about the development plans of the company in the region ... more
TMBA, Jui-Hsiung Yan: Taiwanese machine tools are highly prized on the European market

TMBA, Jui-Hsiung Yan: Taiwanese machine tools are highly prized on the European market

Exclusively in the new issue the Chairman of the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders` Association shares an interesting insight into the trade partnership between Europe and the Taiwanese manufacturers ... more