Companies’ comments for PCB sector in their country or in the region

IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2007


Eli Dagan, CEO of Badi Electronics: “It is about time to start and use high level professional design office like ours in Plovdiv. This is our main service along side the production agencies.”

Burcu Ozdemir, Marketing Engineer of Canovate Elektronik: “In many sectors, PCBs are the raw materials used in the production of main materials. Briefly, its importance in life can be seen clearly. In Turkey, there are many different industrial fields related to electronics. This creates a market for the production of PCBs. Under these circumstances, Canovate has a much more important role than other competitors in Turkey as a PCB supplier. Because we are the only producers of multilayered PCBs in Turkey! We manufacture multilayers in our own factory. We don’t buy Multilayers from China and sell those Chinese PCBs to our customers, like other suppliers in Turkey. We produce them of our own in our factory by the Turkish employees.”

Christofor Kovachev, Manager of Micron 20: “South-East European market is fast growing. There is a need of more complex PCB’s – multilayer and high density. Lead-free technology in some areas will become obligatory.”

Dipl. Eng. (Univ.) S. Steiner, Manager of SET: “The sector is constantly growing.”

Vladimir Spassov, Manager of ZPP: “Positive international assessment of ZPP’s procedures for quality assurance, 20 years experience in PCB manufacturing, as well as continuous improvement and modernization of the equipment base (the most recent addition is installation of modern German production complex), working exclusively with suppliers of the finest raw materials on the market – all this is the basis of ZPP’s guarantee of quality and reliability. Other types of plating that we can accomplish include silver and palladium. ZPP Ltd. works exclusively with suppliers of the finest materials for PCB production on the market.”

Tevfik Umurhan, Sales & Marketing Manager of Baski Devre: “We have almost one thousand potential and actual customers all around Turkey, in Europe, Middle East and even in South Africa. You can see us whenever you want if you need any technical demands or financial issues. You can get price quotations within 24 hours. You can also meet us in major exhibitions in Europe and in Turkey.”