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Electronics Technical ArticlesSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2015

Comet Electronics was established in 1991 in Bulgaria. The main activity of the company is concentrated on the import, export and distribution of electronic components for industrial purposes. Comet Electronics offers full service starting from PCB design, supply of electronic components, bare PCBs and PCB Assembly services.

The commercial activity of the company covers Bulgaria and the Balkan region. Comet Electronics serves more than 5000 middle and small scale manufacturing and trading companies. It is the main supplier of the basic industrial companies in Bulgaria. The company also performs special supplies of items not included in its line card for R&D, for manufacture of prototypes and pilot series. Apart from the distribution activities, Comet Electronics established its own EMS production facility.

The company uses flexible PCB assembly equipment, capable of carrying out projects from the prototype phase to serial production. Printing of solder pastes and SMT adhesives is performed by manual and semi-automatic printers, as well as by a desktop automatic dispensing machine. An automatic SMT production line working with a wide range of electronic components with packages from 0201 up to 42x42mm,  combined with automatic board handling equipment, ensures better repeatability of the processes, higher speed as well as quality of the assembly.

A manual pick&place desktop machine with a dispenser carries out the assembly of prototypes. Comet Electronics has also at its disposal a lead-free capable full convection reflow oven. The quality of the assembly is ensured by an automatic optical inspection machine (AOI) SI-V100 as well as by a video microscope.

In the manufacturing facility there are implemented: a specialized machine cutting, bending and forming  the leads of through-hole components as well as depaneling the PCBs; a baking oven for drying the moisture sensitive devices (MSDs); a selective wave soldering machine, working in nitrogen atmosphere for better solder joint quality as well as for reduction of oxidation during the process. The company also performs manual components assembly/soldering and PCB rework.

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