Comet Electronics is a leading supplier of solutions to the Bulgarian lighting industry

LightingIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2014

Comet Electronics is among the first distributors of CREE’S light-emitting diodes on the Bulgarian market. The company keeps a permanent stock of more than 120 color and white LEDs. Recently, the company started offering their clients LED modules CREE LMH2 of various light flow and color temperature covered by a 5-year warranty.

”You can buy from us the latest high luminous flux (180 lm/W) white LED, COB, or color LEDs for decorative lighting,” company’s vendors say.
The company supplies active and passive SUNON cooling modules that help maintain the operating temperature of high-power LED lights and reduce their size.

As a major addition, complex services are offered to clients for specific lighting projects. The company has its own SMD production unit which implements quickly prototypes and manufacturing of small and mid-size series. An engineering team provides technical assistance to clients for selection of light-emitting diodes, design of PCB, production of prototypes, and design of AC/DC and DC/DC power supply units.

The range of LED components is continuously expanded. Recently, Comet Electronics included in their catalogue low-power and medium-power LEDs from the Taiwanese EDISON OPTO, and LED modules for professional lighting.

A month ago, the company arranged a series of technical trainings for clients on the new products of the Finnish LEDIL, a leading manufacturer of optical systems for different lighting applications. The use of secondary optical elements allows the customer to easily meet the desired standards for street, industrial and office lighting.

Furthermore, Comet Electronics offers a vast array of professional and price-oriented special power supplies for LED lighting by MOSO, MAGTECH and JIMBO.

”Whether you are a light-design company or a novice in the light industry, at Comet Electronics you will find a wide range of aluminum bodies for LED lights that can be equipped with LED modules and power supplies, as well as with radio control systems upon customer’s demand and in conformity with the technical requirements of the project. The company provides assistance to their clients in certification, testing and know-how exchange between companies,” they say.

Comet Electronics offers radio controlled modules IQRF and Zigbee that allow for easy building of remote controlled street lighting systems and other solutions in this field. ”As distributors of electronic equipment, we support the exchange of technical information and bring assistance in the implementation of specific project,” they share.

In addition, Comet Electronics supplies components and technical solutions for leading LED lighting projects in Bulgaria, but also in Romania, Serbia and Macedonia.
”The wide range of components offered by Microchip will allow you to easily develop different power supplies and controllers for color LED artistic architectural lighting. Your work will be simplified by the large choice of development kits.

We are oriented towards the new trends in LED integrated modules that help OEMs reduce costs, shorten the time for launching and achieve the highest quality and efficiency by optimizing the optical, electrical, thermal and mechanical design.
Whatever product you choose, you can be sure that you will have an integrated solution created in Bulgaria by a company renowned for its reliability and quality,” Comet’s experts firmly say.