Comet Electronics – Contract Manufacturing Services

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Comet Electronics – Contract Manufacturing Services
Comet Electronics – Contract Manufacturing Services
Comet Electronics – Contract Manufacturing Services


As a specialist in electronics Comet Electronics provides services from electronics design to contract manufacturing. Full range service portfolio covers product development, proto manufacturing, production series and product maintenance. We can act as your partner’s outsourced department of electronics.


Electronics design services

Comet Electronics offer development service from your idea to complete product, according to the customer’s needs. Our design department works in close cooperation with our manufacturing services and the products we design have optimized manufacturability. From performance specifications to mass production, from the first circuit design to prototype – our development department takes care of all aspects of electronic development. With expertise and a wide range of experience we accompany you until your product is ready for production.


Prototype services

The prototyping is an important supporting phase of a larger development project and unexpected delays in proto assemblies may increase dramatically the overall project cost. Prototype manufacturing and working as a partner to design engineers is our core competence. We try to achieve a long-term partnership with our clients for to achieve good and open communication. In proto assemblies we emphasize speed and flexibility for to support product development projects.


Contract manufacturing

Our technical knowhow creates strong basis on manufacturing services in the field of electronics. Managing the logistics is in an especially important role in contract manufacturing. Our technical capabilities include machine placed SMT down to 0201 and BGA components, fine-pitch parts and leadless parts, as far as THT components. Our production capacity adapts to small and middle-sized series.

Together with our customers we will find the most cost-effective manufacturing service package, where customers’ individual needs are taken into account.From the prototype to medium-sized series production, we meet your individual needs quickly and reliably. Whether for printed circuit board assembly or soldering processes, our facilities are equipped with adequate technology and guarantee high quality at a reasonable price. Due to our flexible manufacturing organization we are able to quickly react on product modifications in design and quantity with optimal results.