MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2018 • 25.09.2018

Chaika is a family factory established 90 years ago and handed down from generation to generation. “Chaika exists since that time when the term “know-how” was described by the simple but meaningful phrase “to know and to be able to achieve”.

Thanks to its rich history the company is familiar with the details of the Bulgarian market and it offers only the best solutions to its clients”, informs the company.

Chaika offers a wide range of services which cover the entire process of creating quality products with different functions – from artistic design to producing goods of paper, cardboard, corrugated board and micro corrugated board.

The firm’s production abilities allow customers to choose the best solutions for their businesses. The design and functionality of the packaging are entirely tailored to the specifics of each product, thus ensuring its successful market positioning. The company’s long-term experience guarantees quality of production and punctuality shown to each client.