Centillion, SEEIM - issue 4, 2012


innovation, quality, customer support

CENTILLION Ltd. is innovative manufacturing company. We produce and deliver on time reliable and effective electronic devices in MEDICAL, VISION and INDUSTRIAL fields, using high level equipment, technology and knowledge.

We are your partner in research, development and delivery of equipment from companies leading in technology of electronic assembly. We offer projects of modern production organization and complete decisions.

CENTILLION is the MED-EL‘s representative in Bulgaria for active implantable hearing systems. Here exists information and technical service for all components of cochlear implant system.


Bulgaria, 1784 Sofia;

7th km,Tzarigradsko Shosse Blvd.

Tel.: +359 2 439 8880 ;

Advanced electronic modules in the field of medicine, systems for control and observation, vision, telecomunication and industry.

Research, design and delivery of complete solutions, equipment and consumables from European companies leading in technology and electronics.

Official representative of MED-EL GmbH - Austria, leading world producer in hearing implant systems and devices for muscule electrostimulation.