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CAPRONI JSC - Manufacturer of Hydraulic Products

Caproni JSC produces hydraulic elements and systems for integration in mobile and stationary industrial equipment. The company products find application in gear boxes of passenger cars, vehicles as busses and trolleys, utility mobiles and others, tractors, combines and different agricultural machines and their hauling inventory, electric and motorcars and other lifting techniques, road-building machines, metal processing machines and etc.

The company offers wide range of hydraulic products with variety of applications consisting standard units as well as products under customer’s request.

The company is certified under ISO 9000:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009. Caproni JSC participates successfully on the World Fluid Power market as supplier. It realizes partnership with over 150 companies (producers and distributors of hydraulic equipment), establishing sales network in more than 30 countries around the world. It guarantees fast supply and reliable service.

CAPRONI JSC has fruitful partnership with well-known companies - supplying its own products to the following original equipment manufacturers: Bosch-Rexroth and Interpump Group - Italy, Hydac International - Germany and USA, Haldex Hydraulics (now Concentric AB)- Sweden, Millat Tractor Pakistan, and at the field of automotive industry as sub supplier of Fiat, Renault, Peugeot and Volkswagen through Fiat Group - Italy.

History CaproniJSC is a society established in 1926. During in entire 82-year history, the enterprise has gone through several stages of development. An owner of the enterprise up to 1930 is the Czech firm AERO-PRAGHA AG and its main production was directed to automotive industry - car bodies for Chevrolet.

- The Italian Concern Caproni became an owner of the factory in the period of 1932-1942. From then the main activity includes the production of the motor-driven airplanes and gliders as well as equipments for mining industry.

- In 1961 the production of Hydraulics components - mainly hydraulic gear pumps has been started and supplied to Balkancar company producing electric lifting cars.

- During 1969 the firm entered in the newly formed State organization Hydraulica.

- After the economical changes in the beginning of 90-ths of the previous century Caproni JSC became 100% private company under shares and specialized in the production of Hydraulics- hydraulic gear pump, valves, cylinders, power packs and systems finding application in industrial hydraulic equipment as well as in different vehicles.

Current production range of Caproni JSC includes:

• Hydraulic gear pumps with external gearing - Displacements from 0,25 up to 60 cc/rev; Pressure up to 250 bar;

• Hydraulic valves with solenoid, manual, pneumatic and mechanical operation - according to world standards for

connection CETOP 3 and 5 flow up to 80 and 120 l/min;

• Distributors with manual and electro-hydraulic operation of monoblock and sectional type for flow rates up to

120 l/min;

• Hydraulic cylinders - piston and plunger type;

• Valve apparatus for assembly and modular mounting -Flow rates up to 100 l/min;

• Hydraulic systems - mobile and stationary with AC or DC supply and tank capacities up to 500 l. Used for driving

the ship equipments, industrial and garage doors, falling boards, closing apparatus of Water power stations etc.

• Low speed high torque hydraulic orbital motors - from 50 to 400 cc/tr.

• DC electric motors - from 0,25 to 10 kW;

• Ecological (electric) self-propelled loaders with load-carrying capacity up to 250 kg and constant run with one

charging 6-8 h.

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