CAD Point, SEEIM - issue 4, 2021



Invest in quality!

Altium Designer is PCB design software, a result of decades of innovation and development. It covers every aspect of the process of designing and implementing a printed circuit board - from the selection of components to the output files.
With a perfect balance between rich functionality and ease of use, Altium Designer is the most widely used PCB design solution on the market. With it you can take advantage of:

• New and faster Schematic Capture

• Hierarchical & Multi-channel Design

• Unified Library Management

• Fast and accurate SPICE simulations

• Detailed Board Layout settings

• Multi-Board and Rigid-Flex Design

• ECAD/MCAD Collaboration

• New intuitive Interactive Routing

• High Speed & High-Density Design

• Data Management, incl. project lifecycle

• Support of all output formats

• Wide range of Fabrication Drawings

• 3D models of the boards

• And many more

Now with free access to Altium 365 included!

Altium 365 is the electronics product design platform that unites PCB design, MCAD, data management, and teamwork.

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