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The Kapis Group is a supplier of quality electrical cables and conductors. Main production program includes copper and aluminum cables up to 1 kV, building wires and cables, bare wires and ropes and self-supporting aerial cables. The Kapis Group operates through its subsidiaries in Slovenija and Serbia, while its production facilities are located in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Kapis TKT, Tomislavgrad. The TKT factory was established in 1979 under the name Tvornica Kablova Duvno. It had 13,500 m2 of covered production areas and 20,000 m2 of storage area.
Its production range included power cables, aluminum and copper ropes and building cables. In 2001, the company was purchased by the Kapis, d.o.o., company from Petrovce. A condition of the purchase of the factory was the employment of 219 workers and a 3.5 million EUR investment in the modernization of production.
In 2002 the company was intensively investing its assets into the modernization of production and it succeeded in realizing 60 percent of the contractual value under the title of a long-term investment, to which it had committed upon the purchase of the factory. Thus, in 2003, the TKT factory obtained the ISO 9001 management certificate, followed by the ISO 14001 environment management certificate in 2006. In 2008, they started preparations for new investments into production modernization in the amount of EUR 5 million, which will further increase the production volume by an additional 60 percent due to the elimination of production bottlenecks.
At the same time, this will improve the quality of the manufactured cables. The Kapis TKT production range includes the following product groups:  flexible products of various types for the automotive industry and household appliances, building cables with insulation and PVC jackets, copper and aluminum power cables with insulation and PVC and HDPE jackets, with XLP insulation and PVC jackets and with XLPE insulation and HFFR (Halogen-Free Flame Retardant) jackets, self-supporting cable bundles made of XLPE, ropes (Al/Fe, Fe, Cu, AlMgSi), armored cables (double steel band, round steel wire, flat steel wire, round aluminum wire), production of PVC granules. Currently, the number of employees amounts to 171 workers.
The factory is one of the largest cable manufacturers in South-East Europe and the fifth largest exporter in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Sales is responsibility of two companies in the Kapis-Group – the Kapis Trade company from Celje, which is responsible for sales to Western markets (EU), and the Kapis Trade company in Belgrade and Kapis TKT, which are responsible for sales to Eastern markets.


Cablecommerce offer cables, conductors, electrical equipment, electrical installation and isolating materials, lighting , cable trays, cable trunkings manufactured by established companies. In 2005 Cablecommerce has started the production of oxygen free high conductivity copper rod Cu-OF in accordance with the continuous vertical casting technology.
The construction of the installation ensures purity and high conductivity of the product – the main important properties for wire-drawing of thin diameters (less than 0.05мм) for production of flexible- and multi-wires, enameled wires, data communication wires for aviation, cosmonautics, robotics and other scopes of industry besides home applications.

EMKA JSC was establisheded in 1936 in Sevlievo and has more than 75 year old history as cables and wires producer. EMKA JSC is a private joint-stock company and belong to the group of Industrial Capital Holding. Its product portfolio includes cables with insulation of PVC, PE and halogen free materials: power cables up to 1 kV; installation cables; telecommunication cables; data and control cables; industrial cables; special purpose cables; connecting cords.
 Cables are manufactured and tested in compliance with international standards IEC, HD, VDE or BS and very strong firm norms. Some of the insulated cables are authorized to carry quality marks VDE and HAR.

Elkabel with headquarters in Bourgas is the first Bulgarian company specialized in the production of cables and conductors. The factory was founded in 1947 on the basis of few small workshops for electro-technical production. Elkabel is spread across an area of 190 thousand mІ with built up infrastructure. It is situated near Port Bourgas, Bourgas Airport and the Duty Free Zone. The plant has its own railway line and a connection with E 773 Bourgas-Sofia.
The company is going all the way through development and expansion of the production scale to fulfill the growing requirements of the market and the changing needs of the different economy fields. Nowadays Elkabel is the biggest cable manufacturer in Bulgaria and is a well known and respected partner not only in Bulgaria but on the international market as well with production exported to Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Cyprus, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA and others.
The manufactured cables and conductors comply with the requirements of BDS-EN, BS, VDE, NFC, GOST and others and can be produced according to the customer’s special technical request.

GAMAKABEL is one of the major Bulgarian cable and conductor manufacturers. It was established in 1975 on total area of 70 000 square meters in the North Industrial zone of the town of Smolyan in South Bulgaria. GAMAKABEL operates in three production workshops, warehouses and auxiliary departments.
The company applies all classic technologies for the production of electrical cables and wires. The production workshops are well equipped with modern machines from the world leading suppliers of cable industry machinery: HENRICH and NIEHOFF drawing machines, NIEHOFF and SKET (Germany) stranding machines, fine drawing machines from Germany and Hungary, Swiss extruders MAILLEFER as well as other extruders from Hungary, US branding machines WARDWELL.
Other special equipment constructed and produced in Bulgaria is also in use. During the second quarter of 2008 GAMAKABEL started oxygen free copper rod manufacturing under UPCAST technology.
The cables and wires produced are manufactured according to the following standards: HD, EN, IEC, DIN VDE, BS, ASTM, MIL, GOST, BDS. Special types of cables to the company standards are also produced. The company manufactured cables according to customer’s specification as well.
The production of GAMAKABEL is well known in the markets of Germany, Russia, Belgium, France, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Finland, Austria and other Middle and Far East, African and Asian countries. The export to these countries represents 50 % of the total sales of the company.

Nursan Otomotiv  was founded as a result of joint collaboration between Nursan Electric Donanam and Koush Group in 2002. The company operates in an enterprise located in village of Lulakovo, municipality Burgas, with a covered area of 7000 square meters. Nursan works with over 20 clients from Turkey, France, Italy, Egypt and Iran, and its total turnover reaches 60,000,000 euros.
Nursan produces automobile cable systems and battery cables for cars, light-trucks and trucks.
At the same time it offers a wide range of products for manufacturers of appliances, provides its customers the opportunity for product development, product comparison, mass production and on-site service.

Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M) is a leading supplier of passive cabling solutions for high-quality communication networks. With its copper and fiber optic systems the company contributes significantly towards ensuring operational reliability in voice, data and image transmission - worldwide.
R&M has been operating in South-Eastern Europe for more than 10 years with a number of Representative Offices in the region and a legal entity in Bulgaria. In 2012 R&M invested around EUR 10 million in construction of high-tech production facility for fiber optic components in Sofia. Production from the new plant will be available worldwide.

Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze - Bulgaria is a parts supplier for the international automotive industry. In its three locations in Bulgaria, the company produces wire harnesses for a variety of automobile plattforms. Its major customers are Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Skoda.
The company was originally founded back in 2002 as a logistics center of VW TR (Volkswagen Elektrik Sistemleri A.S. - Cerkezkoy, Turkey) in Kazanlak. In 2004 the company expanded and moved to Karnobat. It became a subsupplier of VW TR, and was managed by it.
After having Volkswagen AG and Siemens AG sold Volkswagen Bordnetze GmbH to Sumitomo Corporation back in 2006, the company became autonomous. Since then it operates under the new name Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze - Bulgaria.
 In 2008 the company expanded further and founded a new plant in Mezdra. Currently it has 3 production locations in Bulgaria in total, one of them is owned by its subcontractor Ates (Sliven).

Yazaki-Bulgaria is a part of Yazaki Europe. The company is one of the largest producers on the automotive world market of car cabling. Yazaki Corporation has a significant global presence in the global market with its 154 centers for development, manufacturing and sales located in 38 countries.
The company employs more than 200,000 employees. Yazaki has a 35% share of the international market for automotive production cable equipment. Part of the company’s products is cable systems, air conditioners, various products related to ecology, and other components and equipment for cars.


Commel-Zagreb d.o.o. is a Croatian connection cables factory founded in 1990. Its products are intended for consumer market, DIY stores, industry of electronic devices and home appliances, professional workers in handicrafts, construction industry, shipbuilding, etc.
Production capacity with highly productive technology exceeds the needs of domestic market, and therefore Commel also achieve great success in exporting.
The daughter company, Commel - Prikljucni kablovi d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia also operates successfully. In 2012 Commel - Zagreb founded another daughter company, Commel d.o.o., Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ELKA is a leading cable producing company at the markets of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. A strategic goal of ELKA is maintaining a leading position at the mentioned markets, as well as expanding business activities, especially to western and new markets. Its successful business operations have created a reputation and tradition of the company that was founded in Zagreb back in 1927.
Elka has its own development centre and test laboratories for materials and cables with modern equipment and top experts in the area of energetic, telecommunications and application of cables, that guarantee a high quality of finished products, materials and cables.
Its production program covers low- medium- and high-voltage power cables, telecommunications and fibre optic cables, thermoplastic and rubber insulated lines and cables, welding cables same as special cable constructions such as: shipboard, mining and railway cables. Nowadays Elka has some 300 employees.

EUROCABLE GROUP is a leading producer of electric wires and cables on markets of middle and South-East Europe.
The company is young international group that since 2001 deals with production of electric wires and cables in accordance with all European and regional standards. Beside cable production, Eurocable Group d.d. has its own production of PVC granules and is the only cable producer in region that has its own production of copper wire. Company has a total of 230 employees.
Beside its activity on Croatian market the company expanded its business also on markets in region – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Kosovo.


The HELLENIC CABLES Group of Companies is one of the largest cable industries in Greece and owns five production plants, three in Greece and two abroad. The HELLENIC CABLES Group of Companies also includes ICME ECAB S.A. in Bucharest, Romania, and LESCO O.O.D. in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, as well as a number of other companies used for the distribution of the company’s products in Greece and abroad.
The company started its activities in 1950 as a cable production plant of VIOHALCO. In 1973 the company was established under the name HELLENIC CABLES as an independent subsidiary of VIOHALCO and proceeded to expand its production and trade operations. Since its establishment, the company has focused on integrating state-of-the-art technologies and its goal has been to manufacture products for the international market.
The combination of high technology and specialized personnel enables the company to produce a wide range of quality products bearing the trade mark CABLEL® - building cables; control cables; industrial and outdoor installation cables; cables used in ships and offshore, halogen-free , fire retardant and resistant; power cables for operating voltages of up to 400kV; fire retardant  halogen-free cables; copper, aluminum and acsr conductors; fiber optic cables, etc.

BIOKAL is a leading manufacturer of coaxial cables in Greece. The company was established in 1974. It produces coaxial cables for MATV, CATV, Satellite installations and also microphone cables, speaker cables, CCTV cables and alarm cables.
Its plant is located between Neochorouda and Pentalofos, northwest of Thessaloniki. BIOKAL’s target markets are North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Mid East, Africa and Oceania.

DIMOULAS Special Cables
DIMOULAS Special Cables is the market leader in the supply of special cables on the Greek market. The company covers the demand for any type of cable from data cables for computer networks to power and instrumentation cables for the oil, gas, petrochemical and energy related industry.
 Its product range is including: various types of special cables, (solar, power, control, data & communication, instrumentation, navy, flame retardant, halogen free, industrial);  complete structured cabling solutions, including copper and F.O. Systems, active network components and network testing/certfication equipment; cable accessories including cable glands, protective conduits, cable marking systems, industrial connectors, industrial enclosures, etc.

FULGOR Greek Electric Cables
FULGOR Greek Electric Cables has a dominant position in the sector of electric cables in Greece. Fulgor’s premises are located on a privately-owned area of 190,000 sq.m in Sousaki Korinthias, 80km west of Athens and is the biggest industrial group of its field in Greece. The main scope of FULGORs S.A. activities is the production of most of the cable types, nude conductors and also copper rods (Cu) - aluminum rods (Al).
The produced cables are divided in the following categories: copper rods; aluminum rods; nude conductors; energy cables (low, medium, high and ultrahigh voltage); submarine cables (energy, telecoms, optical fiber and composite cables); marine cables; telephone cables; optical fiber cables; remote control cables; cables for special use. Fulgor S.A. has been supplying the Greek market with its products and services for more than 48 years to a variety of organizations such as DEI (Public Power Corporation), OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization), Armed Forces, Shipyard Industry.
The company has also been exporting its products to more than 50 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America.

The company G. PARPANELAS S.A. - V.O.P. CABLES was etsablished in November of 1978. The company supplies Greek and other markets with special cables and cables accessories. It has 5000 sq.m warehouses in Athens and Thessaloniki with over 20.000 codes of special cables and cables accessories on stock.
Its product range includes control, data, fiber optics, voice and data, bus, coaxial, fire detection, loudspeaker, telephone, instrumentation, silicon, neoprene, polyurethane, power, medium voltage, servo, ship, spiral cables and cables with circuit integrity during fire. The range of its cables is complemented by a full series of cables accessories, complete solutions for structured cabling networks, fiber optics and racks.

ELVITYL S.A. produces electric, telephone and signal cables. With its current name, ELVITYL became a limited company in 1981, originating from “THERMOGONOS Co”, a partnership company that was founded in 1970.
ELVITYL has a 5500 sq.m. privately owned factory built on a site that covers a total area of 15000 sq.m. in the Industrial Area of Sindos. Its annual turnover is 3.000.000 Euro and its installed production equipment is worth more than 3.000.000 Euro.


Cable Factory FKN Negotino
Cable Factory Negotino is one of the biggest cable factories (within 1500 tons of production capacity) at the Balkan market. Production program of the factory comprises of flexible cable; cables for stationary installation; power cables for rated voltages of 1 kV, 10 kV, 20 kV and 36 kV; armored cables with insulation from PVC or XLPE; self supporting bunch cables; data, telephone, coaxial and control cables, etc.
Cable Factory Negotino is working with the International Certification Network ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2007 and BS OHSAS 18001:2004. Its comprehensive range of products is approved to International Standard (like VDE, BS, JUS, NF, GOST, IEC, BDS, HD, and EN).


Cabtec Prod was founded on 1996, being located in Bistrita in the northern part of Romania. The company is producing and selling electrical cables for a variety of applications. During years, Cabtec Prod was continuously developed, by acquiring new machineries and extending the products range.
The company is manufacturing insulated conductors for fixed installations; power cables; signaling and control cables; flexible cords; power connections cables; coaxial cables; telecommunications, control, fire warning cables; data transmission, computer network, alarm cables and automotive flexible conduits PVC insulated.

CONTRES was founded in 2006 and its main activity is the production of copper wire braids, copper wire conductors, etc. The company manufactures a huge range of braids and wire conductors with sections ranging from 0.5-500mm І and slippers on demand.

S.C. Kromberg & Schubert Romania Me S.R.L.
The company is part of a multinational corporation presented in 18 countries. Rooted in the tradition of its 100-year history, the company faces market demands and the expectations and wishes of its customers using its expertise in product development, logistics and production. Kromberg & Schubert developed the first prefabricated cable harness as early as 1932, revolutionizing automobile production.
Its broad spectrum of on-board harnesses consists of products for cars and commercial vehicles: body, engine, cockpit, door, audio, air-conditioning and communications cable harnesses, battery cables and moulded harness modules.

Member of Elloumi Group, Coficab is a manufacturer of automotive electrical cables and wires. The first plant was built in Tunisia (Tunis) in 1992 to supply the local demand. Throughout the last 2 decades, Coficab expanded globally by constructing up to date production facilities in 1993 in Portugal (Guarda), 2001 in Morocco (Tangier), 2005 in Romania (Arad) and recently (2009) in Tunisia (Medjez El Bab).
The current product range covers standard and special electrical automotive cables and wires ranging from -40 °C up to 150 °C. They are produced using different insulation materials such as PVC, Polypropylene, Polyolefin and XLPE (silane and irradiation), etc. From the cable size standpoint, Coficab produces from cross-section 0.17 mmІ up to 120 mmІ.

ICME ECAB S.A. represents more than 50 years experience in the Romanian and international cable industry. Since 1999, the main shareholder is HELLENIC CABLES S.A., the leading Greek cable manufacturer and member of the VIOHALCO Group. ICME ECAB S.A. is located in Bucharest, and has a team of almost 560 employees.
Its main facilities include an industrial complex and a warehouse covering a total area of 70,000 mІ, on a 268,000 mІ plot of land. The company also has 3 warehouses in several major cities around the country: in Cluj (1000 mІ), in Bacau (800mІ) and in Timisoara (620 mІ).
Based on constant investments, both in modern machinery and human resources, as well as on the extensive know-how of HELLENIC CABLES S.A., the company is now capable of offering a wide range of high quality products under the registered trademark n CABLEL®.


Founded in 1921 Novosadska Fabrika Kablova is the oldest cable producer in the Balkans. Driven by quality, Novkabel produces a wide range of low and middle voltage cables and conductors. Its products have application in all major industries, including construction, oil industry, automobile industry, mining, shipbuilding etc.
Novkabel is a member of East Point Holdings Ltd., a Cyprus-based leading regional company. Some of the main business activities of Point Group are the following: milling and baking, copper processing and trade, real estate etc.
The bulk of the Group’s assets are in Serbia and Romania, but it also owns subsidiaries in other countries, including Hungary and Austria, and has a network of sales offices in New York, Moscow, Frankfurt, Beijing and Sofia.

TF Kable Fabrika kablova Zajecar was founded in 1974. The factory was an integral part of the Holding Company - The Mining and Smelting Combine BOR Group. From April 2008 factory owner is Tele-Fonika Kable Sp. z o.o. S.K.A. from Poland.
Production capacity of the factory is about 20.000 tones of cables and conductors per year. its products meet the requirements of worldwide standards and norms such as: JUS, IEC, BS, VDE, HD, NFC, GOST, SS, SABS, BDS. The products are exported in large number of countries worldwide.

Coptech is specialized in production, processing, engineering and trading of copper semi-finished products. The company has distinctive market positions in South-East Europe, former Soviet republics and the Middle East. Copper conductors, cables, wire and ropes are produced in Serbia of 100% Serbian copper and aluminum.
Product range of Coptech includes copper tubes; copper wire; cables and conductors; trolley wire; profile wire; copper cathode; rods and plates, copper strips and sheets, brass bars, bronze bars and tubes.

The Joint-Stock Company FKS - Power Cables Factory is one of five specialized plants within holding Company "Kablovi". It is located in Jagodina. Regular production in the plant started in 1955. Continuous investments in its development, reconstruction and modernization of the facilities offer wide range of possibilities for development and extending of product range.
FKS-Power Cables products are manufactured in accordance with all known national and international standards, as well as on specific customers requests. Basic production in the Joint Stock Company FKS-Power Cables consists of the following group of products: steel wire rods; copper wire rods; stranded soft, semi-soft and hard drawn copper wires and conductors; stranded aluminum conductors; aluminum conductors steel reinforced (ACSR); PVC insulated power cables and conductors;
XLPE power cables, power cables with the natural or synthetic rubber based insulation. FKS employs about 8.000 workers.

ELPOS was founded in 1990 in Belgrade as a company specialized in developing, manufacturing and engineering in the telecommunications sector. With a clearly defined vision and development objectives ELPOS wins first head of cable production program, where after the disintegration of Yugoslavia became a leader to express these products in our region.
ELPOS is not kept on it, but its product range over the past decade extended to the entire range of cable accessories and small prefabricated materials. Elpos developed the production of cable connectors, cable cabinets, PSK equipment, WD box, TT shafts and concrete columns, accessories for PE and PVC pipe cable network, and detectable warning strips, fitting a variety of tools and equipment.
In addition to production ELPOS is authorized contractor for the construction and maintenance of telephone systems for the Telekom Serbia.

FEMAN is one of the largest manufacturers of cable accessories, electro materials, tools, and wiring equipment in the Balkans. The company has over 200 employees and a more than 1300 high quality products.
All these products are manufactured in the modernly equipped, 10.000 mІ plant containing a construction and development bureau, foundries, smithies, extrusion and plastic injection, milling and sawmilling, painting, galvanizing, tool shops and assembly areas.
All products are manufactured in accordance with JUS, IEC, VDE and NFC standards, and FEMAN has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996. FEMAN’s sales network spans all five continents.


EZZ Communication products is a manufacturer of passive network components and structured cabling accessories for Local Area Networks, PONs, and FTTx applications.
The company started as a manufacturing shop in 1971. At first a service bureau, transformed to production of quality audio, video and RF connectors. 1992 represents start of the new product range for data communications.
EZZ communication products and cabling solutions meet world class standards of quality and are available from a network of value added resellers, distributors and installers.

Le-Tehnika is a manufacturer and distributor of passive and active optical components as fiber optic connectors, fiber optic patch cables, pig-tails, different types of splice cassettes, fiber optic joint closure, fiber media converters, telephone cables, adapters (for all European countries) and spiral cords, patch cables, etc.

Fokab manufactures fiber optic cables and other products and accessories for data and telecommunications networks since 1995. The company has a modern production facility equipped with two lines for sheathing and semi-automatic assembly line for various types of optical connectors (ST, FC, SC, LC, LX.5 ...).
Fokab uses measuring laboratory with wide range of specialized optical measuring units, to ensure quality of optical fibers and cables. Optical fibers for communications are made from pure quartz glass and have standard outer diameter of 125 micro meters. All fibers have dual layer primary protection with diameter of 250 micro meters.

Prelovsek Franc has been active as an independent entrepreneur for more than 30 years. The company was founded in 1974 as a craft and coinciding with the legislation at that time, later transformed into Elplast Prelovsek Franc s.p. The company’s headquarters are located at Ljubljana, Slovenia. Today, the company employs 6 people.
Its major spheres of interest are plasticizing capillary tubes, wires and cables for special usage, manufacture of electro-insulation tubes out of glass fibers, knitting profiles out of glass fibers and wires, production of profiles and tubes out of the latter materials: silicon, PVC, PE, PU, PFA, PTFE. Production expansion led the company to re-form (in the year 2000) into a limited company with a new name - P.P.Plast d.o.o.
The company headquarters is now Preserje, Slovenia.


2M KABLO was established in 1993 in Istanbul and since 2011 is operating on a 9350 m2 factory building. 2M KABLO has sales offices in Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara and Izmir and a sales office and warehouse in Moscow since 2005. Since its establishment the low-voltage cables are produced with the brand "2MKAB" and later the audio - video cables are collected under the brand "LOOKAB" and the fire-resistant cables under the brand "FireKab".
 Its main product groups are coaxial cables, signal/control cables, composite and CCTV cables, halogen-free fire-resistant cables, fire alarm cables, telephone cables, audio - video cables, data/communication cables, instrumentation cables and marine cables. With a wide range of products 2M KABLO plays an active role in the cable industry and has products according to national and international standards as well as specific designs based on specific customer requests.
2M KABLO sells 60% of the production to all regions in Turkey through its strong network of dealers. 2M KABLO exports 40% of the production to Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and the Turkic Republics. Some of the areas of sales are construction, oil, gas, petrochemical plants, power plant projects, automation, fire and security, satellite, publishing, intelligent buildings, stadiums, tunnel construction,  industrial facilities, stage, sound and video systems.

Etabir Kablo is one of the leading cable manufacturers in Turkey. Its registered trademark is Birtas Kablo. The company management is based in Karakoy, Istanbul. Production base is in Silivri spread on 7.000m2. The total production area covers 15,000 m2.
The company manufactures electric cables under various approvals and certifications such as ISO 9001:2008, VDE, GOST-R, CE and TSE. They are sold in more than 40 countries directly or through trade. Birtas Kablo is proud that their cables are worldwide used in various industry and business projects.

Tumka Kablo Sanayi was established in 1990 in Istanbul. In 1995 it moved to Hadimkoy – Istanbul factory which is currently active. In 2010 the company build new factory on 20.000 m2 land. Tumka currently is expert in 0.6/1 kV low voltage power cables; PVC and XLPE insulated power cables; armored underground cables; flame retardant, fire resistance and halogen free cables; custom manufactured cables.
Tumka has completed its all necessary product approvals and certifications: TSE, HAR, NQA ISO, BASEC, MPA, GOST-R,ROSH,CE,VDE. It was the first factory in Turkey to which TSE certificate of conformity has been granted for halogen free cables and the first and only company which obtained certification from an internationally accredited institution for its cable manufacturing at e-90 standard.
The company exports high quality cables to markets with different specifications from Middle East to Latin America. Tumka is a world trademark which exports its products to 70 countries in 5 continents (65% of the total production is exported). Low voltage power cables manufactured by Tumka are used domestically in numberless projects such as hospitals, justice palaces, shopping centres, subway worksites, collective housing constructions of public and private sector.

Text and picture source: web-sites of the listed companies