Great demand for intelligent sensors from SICK
New technologies prevail on the market: sales exceed EUR 700 million for the first timeIn the dynamic economic situation of the 2007 fiscal year, the SICK Group achieved sales amounting to EUR 707.5 million, an increase of 9.6 per cent over the previous year, company reports in an official press release in the middle of April 2008. SICK has therefore continued its growth course for the fourteenth year running. Earnings also reflect this growth, despite increased in-vestments in the future ... more
The experienced specialists are mainly in the small companiesThe greater part of experienced Bulgarian specialists are owners or are employed in small and medium companies. Without an active government or legislative protection and assistance this great engineering potential of Bulgaria cannot be utilized efficiently.Eng. Doycho Doychev, Manager of DOYCHEVI EOODPartnership is necessary between the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Projects (CIIP) and Bulgarian companies Bulgarian companies must reorganize very flexibly in terms of management and form their strategy of development ... more
Bulgarian engineering companies in the EU
One year after our joining the Union the engineering branch demonstrates optimism and confidenceTLL Media Publishing House carried out a large-scale marketing research among engineering companies in the field of industry. With the joint efforts of the whole team the editors investigated, inquired and analyzed the business moods among a representative portion of the engineering companies operating in industry in relation to the end of the first year of Bulgarian membership in the European Union. Up to “closing” the issue ... more
Coca-Cola Hellenic to Install GE Energy’s Jenbacher Gas Engines In European Bottling Plants To Help Reduce Plant CO2 Emissions by More Than 20% Across Their ProductionThe Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company S.A. and energy development company ContourGlobal, are launching a major industrial emissions reduction initiative in Europe with plans to install a total of 15 CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plants at bottling facilities in twelve countries. The first phase of the project will utilize 19 GE Energy Jenbacher gas engines ... more
Manufacture of measurement and control equipment in Romania
Romania has long-standing traditions in measurement and control equipment manufacturing. Well-known companies like Automatica, FEA and CAOM have been operated on the domestic and foreign markets for many years. After the political changes in the country a lot of multinational companies have become more active on the Romanian market. The measurement and control equipment industrial sector has benefited from foreign investments made by Contor Group, Honeywell, Siemens, Kuhnke and other companies mentioned below.We present information about few of the main ... more
Products and solutions from Slovenia
Part One of Serie of Publications:A Positive Business ClimateSlovenia continues to bring about its vision of a successful, internationally competitive, flexible and dynamic economy; the vision of a country of educated and motivated people who contribute to overall growth and, by way of this, to prosperity and social harmony. Entering the euro zone in 2007 was the single most important step in Slovenia becoming a modern, advanced and competitive European economy since its EU accession in 2004. It also became ... more
Co-operation for wind farm projects in Bulgaria and Turkey
The wind farm project company Plambeck Neue Energien AG, in Cuxhaven, continues to give its core business international reach. Two joint-venture contracts which envisage the establishment of joint companies to develop and implement wind farm projects in Bulgaria and Turkey are finally agreed on 9th November 2007.The partner for the joint venture in Turkey is Turkwind Energie Ltd. Plambeck Neue Energien AG will have an 80 per cent majority stake in the joint venture in which the wind farm projects ... more
Interview with Dobrin Dobrev, Commercial Director of ELMARK GROUP
We plan to open a second office - in BelgradeHow long have you being doing business with Serbia?At the end of 2005 our company managers decided to establish a subsidiary in the Republic of Serbia and the first sales of ELMARK products by the newly founded company ELMARK GROUP D.O.O. were made practically in February 2006. Can you, please, describe the specifics and organization of your business in Serbia?The main office of the company is located in the town of ... more
New wave of Bulgarian industrial projects in Serbia
Bulgaria is among the 10 most serious investors in Serbian industry for 2006, said Serbian press. The publications are based on the statistical data of Serbian National bank, ranking Bulgaria between UK and Italy as an investor. Although slow privatization processes, industry plenty of problems and old fashion material base Serbia becomes more and more attractive investments destination not only for Western but for Bulgarian business, too. One of the most optimistic trends is that the business is interested not ... more
The Bulgarian Bellwether in Electronics – The Success Story
40 Years of Tradition and Innovations Made Carat Electronics the Largest Bulgarian Producer of Electricity Meters.Carat Electronic AD is a leading Bulgarian IT company, specialized in research and development and production of high-end electronic products and information systems. The company was established in 1969 and for almost 40 years it has been the bellwether in the electronics industry on the Balkans. Thanks to the innovative approach and successful commercial policy, the company made its reputation for one of the leading ... more
The significant success is still to comeFrom my point of view we have long being working professionally for EU integration. Without being over expectant the moods are tuned to positive changes. Our engineers and designers are highly qualified and the labor cost is still very low. We are an attractive location to EU companies for development and production. It is a fact that large companies invest huge money in development and our small resources destine us to be ever catching ... more
The expectations of the branch for our membership in the European Union are rather positive, shows a study organized by the editors.“We also have a contribution to the industrial automation”, we have good reasons to claim this today in the dawn of our EU membership. Because we meet the European Union with well developed local production of instrumentation and well standing companies that have already won position on the Bulgarian industrial market as well as on a series of foreign ... more
Bulgaria and Romania - members of the EU
On 1 January 2007 Bulgaria and Romania have become full members of the EU, whose membership now stands at 27. After seven years of preparation, their accession marks the completion of the sixth EU enlargement. With Bulgaria and Romania entry the EU is welcoming 30 million new citizens.Bulgaria and Romania applied for membership of the European Union in 1995 and accession negotiations with both countries were opened in February 2000. In 2002, the European Council announced its objective was to ... more
Bistra Todorova 99 Company produces more powerful transformers
Starting from this summer we launched new bigger and more powerful series of three phase transformers as a part of our strategical extension of our product portfolio (1.4 kVA 31 kVA), says for South-East European INDUSTRIAL market dipl. eng. Bistra Todorova, manager of Bistra Todorova 99 Company. “We invested big amount of efforts to design and implement the production of the new products. Except to reach completely all the technical requirements concerning features and materials, we had to restructure the ... more
Household appliance makers voice objections through new associationAt the founding meeting of “CECED Bulgaria” in the end of August 2006 in Sofia, representatives of household appliance manufacturers[1] strongly criticised the Bulgarian government for not complying with the EU Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE Directive).The new industry association is determined in its opposition to the disproportionate product fees that are payable on its products entering Bulgaria or being placed on the market there, as well as to the ... more

LATEST issue 2/2022

issue 2-2022



Preparations underway for MAKTEK Eurasia 2022

Preparations underway for MAKTEK Eurasia 2022

The scope of the fair encompasses automation systems, CAD/CAM/CAE & PLM software, CNC and conventional metalworking technologies, CNC control systems, cutting tools/holders, heat treatment equipment, Industry 4.0 and IIoT systems ... more
9th edition of Supply Chain & Logistics Expo to be held in October 2023

9th edition of Supply Chain & Logistics Expo to be held in October 2023

The 3 main areas of the exhibits are transport services and logistics, warehouse equipment and technologies, commercial vehicles and green transport ... more
Eco Wave 2022 to showcase latest technologies for the green economy

Eco Wave 2022 to showcase latest technologies for the green economy

Visitors of Eco Wave are managers and executives responsible for strategic planning and procurement, government officials, experts, researchers, technicians, media representatives, and others ... more
WorldFood Istanbul to be held for the 30th time

WorldFood Istanbul to be held for the 30th time

The 29th WorldFood Istanbul which was held in 2021 became the largest exhibition on square meter basis in its history and it achieved great success by reaching the highest number of visitors ever ... more