STARCO invests in digital and green technologies in Croatia steel wheel factory
The investments will allow STARCO to improve the carbon footprint of many products produced in the factory through greater energy efficiency, use of renewable energy and reduced steel content in the products ... more
Nestle opens new plant in Serbia
Nestle will use renewable energy from hydroelectric power plants in the new factory, will produce no municipal waste and will treat all wastewater on-site in its own wastewater treatment plant ... more
EIB Global to provide EUR 36 million for construction of wind farm in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Aligned with national strategies for renewable energy, the plant includes up to 18 wind turbines and their connection to the national energy grid and is expected to produce 115 GWh/year of electricity ... more
Adriatic Metals opens silver mine in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Following an exploration and development investment of USD 250 million, Adriatic Metals produced the first silver/lead concentrate and zinc concentrate from the newly constructed Vares Processing Plant on 27 February 2024. The Rupice Mine, from which the ore is sourced, commenced mining in July 2023 ... more
Polenergia aims to build one of the biggest wind farms in Romania
N4 assumes the construction of wind farms with a total capacity of up to 685,6 MW, located in the Tulcea County, Dobrogea region, by the Black Sea ... more
JGL completes EUR 53 million investment project
The increase in research and development capacities and their integration with production and quality in one location will strengthen JGL’s position in the development and production of advanced, innovative products within three strategic therapeutic areas – flu and cold, ophthalmology and dermatology ... more
Hatboru opens pipe plant in Romania
The new factory is expected to become a hub of employment, set to provide opportunities for over 100 skilled machine operators and specialists ... more
North Macedonia receives first loan under the Green Finance Facility
The SMEs will be entitled to receive 10% grants for investments that are completed successfully in renewables or combined energy efficiency and renewable energy projects or 5%grants for projects involving technologies that are exclusively energy efficient ... more
Taiwan was the fourth-largest exhibiting nation at EMO 2023
An International Press Conference and Panel Discussion featuring prominent figures discussed how Taiwan´s smart machinery is driving the world, with a focus on sustainable development and innovative applications. International media from various countries participated in the event, including SEEIM journalists ... more
OMV Petrom to take part in the development of network of ultra-fast EV recharging points
The total investment in this project is estimated at approximately EUR 40 million, of which, approximately EUR 15 million are provided from European funds, through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), almost EUR 5 million of the total amount represent bank credit from the Banca Comerciala Romana, the rest of the financing being provided from own sources ... more
EBRD launches its Youth in Business programme in Albania
Young entrepreneurs will gain access to finance and overcome the barriers created by insufficient collateral, limited credit history and lack of business experience ... more
Aurubis completes EUR 60 mln update of its production facilities in Pirdop
During the 40 days of the maintenance shutdown, more than 130 maintenance and repair activities were carried out in all the major production areas at the plant. ... more
Aluflexpack expands its plant in Drnis
The latest investment in Drnis includes the construction of an additional 13 000 m2 of production area, the installation of the most modern lines for processing and refinement of aluminium and the finalization of products, which further increases the plant’s capacity by 30 000 t ... more
Serbia receives EBRD loan to construct science and technology parks
STPs will be equipped with the technology needed for R&D and will offer co-working spaces and offices as well as services to support the growth of nascent and innovative businesses ... more
Nidec opens two factories in Novi Sad
Nidec Electric Motor Serbia plans to mass-produce automotive motors, and Nidec Elesys Europe plans to mass-produce automotive inverters and ECUs ... more

LATEST issue 1/2024

issue 1-2024



99,99999% availability of critical applications? PACS Solutions has the right solution

99,99999% availability of critical applications? PACS Solutions has the right solution

Critical applications in business and industry need fault-tolerant computing solutions that ensure maximum availability. In such scenarios, PACS Solutions relies on the revolutionary ztC Endurance platform from its key international ... more
How to set up an IoT network to get associated data from the sensor to the Cloud? – part I

How to set up an IoT network to get associated data from the sensor to the Cloud? – part I

The E-IoT ecosystem, which offers cellular LPWAN connectivity for direct sensor-database communication and has recently been using NeoCortec’s revolutionary NeoMesh protocol for having an ad-hoc, real low power, sub-GHz mesh ... more
 Online Auction: Tool & Die Shop in Czechia

Online Auction: Tool & Die Shop in Czechia

Hilco Industrial specializes in reselling industrial equipment and is currently hosting an Online Auction: Tool & Die Shop in Czechia formerly owned by Husky KTW. Husky KTW, a division of Husky Technologies, is a prominent global corporation in ... more