Bulgarian market for metal cutting tools

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The development of the global market of metal cutting tools nowadays is dynamic and saturated with high technologies, technical innovations and new developments in the field of production materials, geometries and coatings. The Bulgarian market is inextricably following global trends and despite limiting factors such as the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be significant for more and more global manufacturers of metal cutting tools. Among the reasons for this are its close proximity to key Western European markets, its good position in regional trade and the excellent socio-economic conditions for investment in the country plus the plenty of qualified staff. Currently there is a plethora of local and international companies operating on the Bulgarian market, involved in the manufacturing and trade – import and export, of metal cutting instrumentation and machining equipment.


Global trends and strong traditions

According to a comprehensive research report by Market Research Future the global metal cutting tools market size is projected to be worth USD 110,48 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 6,73% during the forecast period (2021-2028). The market was valued at USD 82,17 billion in 2020.

Although the segment has been strongly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, the rapid growth in the auto industry will boost market growth over the forecast period, analysts say.
“The increase in demand for automation in factories is increasing the use of smart manufacturing technologies for the product development and production process. The increase of Industry 4.0 is pushing the requirement for interconnected machinery that in turn is driving machines conducive to predictive maintenance. It is here where more and more metal cutting tools are projected to be put to use”, the report further states.
The solid round tools are expected to lead the market over the forecast period followed by indexable inserts. By material type, the cemented carbide will dominate the market for the increase in the automotive component manufacturing activities in the world, experts predict.

Among the leading countries in Europe, accounted for total sales of metal cutting tools, revenue, market share and growth rate, are Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Turkey etc. Hosting more and more local offices and sales departments of major global manufacturers, Bulgaria strictly follows in those footsteps, maintaining relatively high for the region levels of production and trade with metal cutting tools.
According to a brief report, published by the Technical university of Gabrovo, ever since the 19th century Gabrovo has been a centre of crafts, textile and metalworking industries. Now the largest Bulgarian manufacturers of hoists, cutting tools and plastic products operate here, as well as big companies for textiles, instruments, furniture, electrical products, etc.

“Gabrovo and a surrounding area of a radius of 70-80 kilometers concentrate some companies of paramount importance for the national industry, such as machine tools manufacturers in Troyan, Kazanlak and Sliven, producers of electrical machines in Troyan, Lovech, Veliko Tarnovo, Teteven, companies for cutting tools, plastic deformation and casting of metals and plastics in Gabrovo, Sevlievo, Dryanovo, Kazanlak, textile and clothes manufacturers in Gabrovo, Sevlievo, Kazanlak, Sliven, Tryavna, etc.”, the reference informs.

Leading companies in the market

In the current article we make a representative sample of the local and foreign trade and manufacturing companies, operating on the Bulgarian market in the field of metal cutting tools. As a basis for the review we have used data from the Bulgarian Technical Catalog – the first general technical catalog in Bulgaria, as well as company websites. The overview presents some of the major listed companies in alphabetical order.

Arton is a distributor of Kennametal USA, a leader in the production of high quality metal cutting tools, and also a representative of Kyocera Japan in the field of metal cutting tools.

Bendis Engineering is a commercial engineering company, which presents on the Bulgarian and Balkan markets leading companies in the field of metal cutting and metalworking machines and tools.
Bimex Limited was established in 1990 and is involved in sales, service and integration from the center of Bulgaria – Kazanlak and Gabrovo, of metalworking machines and automation, instrumental and measuring equipment for them, production and trade of diamond tools, etc.

Bolshevik is an engineering company offering a full range of metal cutting tools and industrial equipment, wholesale and distribution of industrial quality cutting, measuring, hand and abrasive tools.

Ceratizit Bulgaria develops and manufactures innovative solutions for tool manufacturers. This includes rods and preforms for solid carbide tools as well as carbide components for various applications, for example for the medical industry.

In August this year the company announced it was investing EUR 20 million in expanding its production facilities for metal cutting and special tools in Gabrovo. It plans to create 100 new jobs, as well as build a new modern production base with a logistics and solar park for its own needs in Gabrovo.

Danphil offers on the Bulgarian market high quality industrial cutting tools, trade services in the field of high quality monolithic carbide tools, cutters, drills, tool holders, reamers, taps, advice and consultations.

Daru Varna is engaged in the import of Kemppi welding machines, machines, metal cutting and measuring instruments, technical plastics for heavy, chemical and food companies, energy and others.

Delphi Engineering is an official representative of Johs. Boss (leading international supplier of precision tools for manufacturing and checking threads), Wexo Praezisionswerkzeuge (drilling, milling, threading/tapping products), Fahrion (precision chucks and high-precision collets) and Mapal – Microtek.

Diafest was established in 1995 in Sofia with subject of activity import and sale of professional tools. The company is an official distributor of Kyocera Unimerco Japan for metal cutting tools.
DTL Trade offers high class industrial fluids and tools for the metal processing industry. The company is an official representative of the world famous brands Houghton, Widia, Vmd, Dynateco. The company´s portfolio includes high-quality tools for grinding, turning, drilling, threading.

Euroexport BG is involved in the production and sales of high quality and precise cutting tools for turning and milling centers.

Established in 1992, Euromarket Group is the largest trade engineering company for industrial and construction equipment in Bulgaria. The company offers on the local market the vast portfolio of Kennametal, which includes tools for turning, milling, drilling, etc.

Euromarket BRD is a company within Euromarket Group. It has two business divisions: Euromarket Metal and Euromarket Tools.

Gewindewerkzeuge Gabrovo is a producer of thread cutting, metal cutting and gear cutting tools from HSS and also the biggest manufacturer of thread cutting tools in Bulgaria with more than 70 years experience.
Guehring Bulgaria sells rotating tools production of company Guehring Germany, which features own production of hard alloys, machines for the manufacturing of tools, own developments of coatings. The company has production and service centers in over 60 countries.

Insmetal Gabrovo offers a wide range of metal cutting, abrasive, measuring and diamond tools, equipment and accessories for metal cutting machines.

Instrument Commerce is established in 1994 in Gabrovo. It is one of the largest manufacturers and importers of metal cutting tools and machining equipment in the country.

Iscar Bulgaria is located in the town of Kazanlak to serve the metal cutting industry in the country. The trained staff of experienced technologists and sales consultants in the company is ready to provide full technical support, consultation, demonstrations and tests of Iscar tools – a leader in metal cutting tools.

Metal Parts is an innovative, fast-growing company, whose activity is mainly related to the production of various metal products from different types of steel, aluminum, brass, copper and other materials, including tooling.

MGS Tooling was established in March 2015 with main activity supply of high quality metal-cutting tools and equipment for conventional and CNC metalworking machines. The company works with proven tool manufacturers.

Sandvik Bulgaria, part of Swedish Sandvik Group, was set up in 1991. The Bulgarian branch manufactures tools for metal-cutting machines, metal processing and wood processing industries as well as high tensile and carbon steel.

Seco is one of the world´s largest providers of comprehensive metal-cutting solutions for milling, stationary tools, holemaking and tooling systems. Seco Tools Bulgaria offers value-added tools, machines and products, services and solutions for sectors such as the automotive and aviation industries.

Sintcom tools was established in 1993. Its scope of activity includes import, export and trade in professional metal-cutting tools, accessories for metal-cutting machines, tool holders, diamond and measuring tools.

Soltec offers complex solutions from the design, through the instrumental equipment and tools, to the production of details and assemblies. The firm is an official distributor in Bulgaria of Hoffmann Group, the leading European company for high-quality instruments, it is represented by its own brands: Garant and Holex and offers the products of more than 500 of world´s leading manufacturers.

Tashev-Galving is specialized in trade with tools, compressors, timbering elements, ferrous metals, building materials, wood material, ironware, abrasive instruments, etc.

Technocorp is a company for delivery of metal-cutting tools and technological equipment. It offers tools with different characteristics and purpose so that it can satisfy the client´s specific needs, according to their activity and the specifics of the machines used by them.

Teko Tek BG is a representative of TaeguTec – South Korea´s largest and most innovative industrial cutting tool manufacturer, and also an important provider of tungsten powders, solid carbide rolls and specialized industrial products to the world at large.

UMT Kazanlak is specialized in the manufacturing of solid carbide tools (standard and special); distribution of cutting tools with indexable carbide and PCD inserts; regrinding and coating services for cutting tools and machining parts.

V&D International was established in 1990. As a representative of leading in its field, mainly German manufacturers, the company offers high-quality products that meet quality and safety standards in force in the European Union, including metal cutting tools.

Vimax SD offers metalworking tools and consumables from Sandvik Cormorant, Optomechanic and other world leaders.