Bulgarian-Macedonian cooperation in the field of management systems certification

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2010

Center for Testing and European Certification (CTEC) Ltd., Stara Zagora, at the invitation of the Union of the Industrial Associations in the Republic of Macedonia, and with the cooperation with its representation in Skopie – ITC Consulting, organized a seminar under the theme: Implementing the European Standards and Directives in Industry and Construction.
Having orientated to the European processes and monitoring of the European directives, the Republic of Macedonia has quickly adapted to the application of strict European rules and directives that have an impact on each economic sphere. With the purpose of increasing the awareness and opportunities for improving the competitiveness of the export products – experts from CTEC visited the Republic of Macedonia. They acquainted the local manufacturers with the basic requirements, the adherence to which will allow free movement of goods on the European community market. The harmonization of the law of the Republic of Macedonia necessitates holding trainings of the high and middle-ranking managers of manufacturing companies. The general introduction of the New Approach Directives determined the specific essential requirements for safety, applicable in the certain type of products. The strategy for market surveillance, without being governed, creates conditions and incentives for technical progress. After the seminar, the present representatives from the business circle had possibilities to put their questions in personal business meetings with experts from the Center for Testing and European Certification Ltd.
The meeting laid the groundwork for cooperation between Bulgaria and Macedonia in the field of technical products conformity assessment and management systems certification.

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