Bulgarian Eko Energo signed a 185 million euro contract with Chuvash Republic

EnergyNewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2011

A Bulgarian company presented at the traditional International Technical Fair in Plovdiv struck three deals for a total of two hundred million euros right after the end of the opening ceremony. The consortium Eko Energo signed a 185 million euro worth contract with the economy ministry of the Chuvash Republic, part of the Russian Federation, regarding the construction of 1,000 houses powered with solar energy. The solar energy using homes will be built by MKM-product SPLTD, based in the southern Bulgarian town of Yambol. A whole town of energy-efficient homes, using only solar energy for their power-supply, is planned to be built in three year’s time. In the long run, such solar-powered settlements shall be scattered across the whole Russian federation. Thus, Bulgaria’s MKM-product SPLTD may be contracted to build up to three million solar homes. The first solar energy powered settlement will be located near the city of Vologda, some 400 km away from Moscow. The second deal is about the construction of a waste processing plant in the Chuvash Republic and the introduction of capacities for the production of bio gas from guano.