Bulgarian company RAIS won a prize at the International Technical Fair, Belgrade 2013

MachinesNewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2013

Bulgarian company RAIS won a traditional prize A STEP INTO THE FUTURE at the 57th event of International Technical Fair, Belgrade (13-17 May 2013) in Section INTEGRA for its CNC vertical machining center - M550.

The other winners are ATB sever Subotica in Section ELECTRIC ENGINEERING for its Engine for Oil Drill and Hard Working Conditions, type 2.SRZKIT 423Lk-6. In Section THERMAL AND PROCESSING EQUIPMENT the winner is Soko Inzinjering, Belgrade for innovative Cascade Cooling System RKS.RC-10/5.

Ten exhibitors were awarded Special Award A STEP INTO THE FUTURE in six categories:
-Section HOUSE TECH - Tehnoexport India for Sink Water Trap Fi 60 with Stainless Steel Grid Inlet.
-Section INTEGRA - Engel Austria (Plastics Injection Machine, Model VC 1800/300SPEX); Angros Trstenik (Hydraulic Cilinder – Hydraulic Press Capsule); Eltras In Belgrade (“Roller Top” Transportation System with Packing Inspection); Bosch Rexroth (Mechatronic System Solution Handling DCL 108).

• Section TELECOMMUNICATIONS - ADV Smart Solution, Belgrade for its new application for e-mail sending.
• Section ELECTRIC ENGINEERING - Institut Mihajlo Pupin, Belgrade for its System for Simulation and Planning of Distributed Micro Network Based Upon Renewable Energy Sources; Antel Co. Belgrade for Excessive Voltage Release, type MAA 198/LD3.
• The winner in Section ME-RE-KO was Novilog, Novi Sad (Digital Gauge for Measuring of the Natural Gama Ray Spectrum in the Drills, GR 312 S.
• Section LIGHTING - Nopal Lux, Novi Sad for innovative Decorative Material Mask for INTERIO Modular System.
57th event of Technical Fair Belgrade specially promoted domestic exhibiting innovators this year. The visitors were able to see technical and technological achievements in all segments – automation, robotics, wireless communications, electrical engineering, electronics, lighting, processing techniques, logistics, etc.