Bulgaria offers high added value for our customers

Electronics Company articlesSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2020 • 23.10.2020

Bulgaria offers high added value for our customers


Stefan Reiber, CEO of KEMMLER Group, for South-East European Industrial Market magazine


KEMMLER Electronic manufactures management groups and harnesses globally for the automotive, e-mobility, commercial vehicle and industrial electronic sectors. What is the significance of the Bulgarian market in your activity and how do you rate its potential?

Bulgaria is a very important location for the KE Group, which above all ensures KE´s internal competitiveness and delivery capability for our customer projects. We have already been present in the area of Plovdiv for 6 years now and have been continuously expanding the plant since the beginning.

In future Bulgarian market will become more and more interesting as a market, because our customers recognize more and more advantages of this wonderful country. Bulgaria is a country with ambitious motivated and well-educated young people who are ready to take over responsible positions and bring companies forward. For suppliers like us it is a first choice in Europe, which offers high added value for our customers in a legal and currency safe Europe.


How does the company manage to steer through the challenges posed by the current global situation and keep its position on the market?

In this special year of 2020, we are indeed facing major challenges due to the global corona pandemic and the transformation process of the automotive industry that has already begun in 2019. The corona situation has accelerated this process faster than expected.

However, as an experienced electronic supplier and medium-sized company with many years of experience, even in these challenging times we can react very quickly to changing market situations and see many opportunities for potential business. E-mobility brings new products such as vehicles, charging infrastructure and smart tools to the market where we can benefit as a supplier. When there is an emergent situation and you have the right teams and experience you will emerge from this situation stronger than before.


What are the advantages of KEMMLER Electronic that make the company stand out as a leading provider of customized services and global manufacturer of harnesses and cable assemblies?

We as KEMMLER Electronic can look back on our history and experience of almost 35 years. With our locations in Asia and Europe, our motivated staff and enormous flexibility, we are very agile and react to changing market conditions with instantaneous speed. We do what the customer currently needs, and we do it really well. We have already supported a lot of our customers for decades. Our customers appreciate this reliability and know that they can count on us even in difficult times.

For many years we have been known in the market as an expert in wire harnesses and have many long-term customer relationships. Because of our extensive experience in project management we are able to provide our customers with development support and offer services beyond the wire harness, such as installation of the products in complex modules, which the customer can install directly. Therefore, our customers receive added value to their production and save a lot of time and costs if they choose us as their partner.


The company has been expanding ever since its establishment. What are the priority areas where the company intends to focus in the near future in order to continue this trend?

Our main business activity is the production of wire harnesses and electronic assemblies. These are used in many different divisions. The branch is determined by the product that the customer requests from us. Of course, due to the often high quantities, the automotive part has been dominating the turnover so far. We bring a great deal of experience in this division to the automotive and e-mobility world and understand the customer requirements very well. We also supply similar products in the area of agriculture, medicine, electric tools, industry and material handling systems. The customer can be sure that KE will produce what the market wants to have and adapt to it.


What services and products do you anticipate to grow in demand in the automotive and e-mobility world and what approach is KEMMLER Electronic planning to undertake in order to keep its stronghold position in this respect?

We are strongly motivated to give our customers the best support. As a supplier we are able to react very flexibly to the changing market conditions and this has a positive effect for us in the corona pandemic, too. There is a lot of movement in the e-mobility and automotive sector and we as the KEMMLER Electronic team are looking forward to making our customers even more successful with our services. That will continue to pursuit our target – we are working with the latest technology and keep training our team for the future challenges of the exciting market.


What innovative products and services does KEMMLER Electronic intend to implement in future and what will be their significance for the long-term development strategy of the company?

We want to continue to grow and thereby we are improving ourselves constantly. KEMMLER Electronic will expand the area of development services worldwide to relieve our customers even more. Besides, we have the ambitious goal to go the "Way to Zero" and reach CO2 neutrality faster than the market requires. This will be a big advantage for the customers who choose to implement projects with us and let us reach their environmental goals faster. Our mission is "Always a good connection" – a longstanding goal, which goes beyond the electrical connection and we see ourselves as a holistic and sustainable connection to all our employees and business partners. As the CEO, I look forward to making our customers even more successful with my motivated KE team.









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