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Bosnia-Herzegovina has a few thousand acres of productive vineyards. These are located mostly in the lower-lying areas between the Adriatic coast and Mostar, the largest city in Herzegovina.
The local winemakers want to be recognized for their unique varieties of Zilavka and Blatina and to present themselves to the world through the wine that bears the richness of the soil and the fervency of the Herzegovinian sun.

Among the top quality wines are: Zilavka Mostar - A famous dry white wine produced from an autochtonous type of grapes ’’zilavka’’ with adition of ’’krkoshia’’15% that grows in particular area position, in the region of Mostar; Kameno Vino (Stone Wine) - 90% zilavka and 10% Bena; VRANAC - dry red wine, which production is done through the most modern procedures in Citluk wine-cellar;

Blatina - famous dry, red wine produced out of the same named sort of wine grapes, with addition of pollination sorts 15%, from strictly defined localities of Mostar vineyards; Herceg - quality, dry white wine with recognizable fruit - flower aroma. It is a mixture of native sorts of grapes Zilavka, Bena and Krkosija.

Wine export of Bosnia-Herzegovina mainly goes through wineries Herzegovina Vino & Citluk Winery (market leader, 400 ha vineyard, and winery with 100,000 hl capacity) and Podrum Andrija.