Bosnia and Herzegovina receives EUR 20 million support for a modern water system

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Bosnia and Herzegovina receives EUR 20 million support for a modern water system

Bosna and Herzegovina has received over EUR 20 million in total from three European institutions for the reconstruction and implementation of a new modern water system for clean water in Bijeliijna. The new system is supported by the European bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Union and the Swedish International Development Cooperational Agency. The institutions will loan the project for new modern water system in Bosnia and Herzegovina EUR 12 million, EUR 6,5 million and EUR 4 million respectively.

The project has already started and the loan taken from the EBRD is used for the making of a new wastewater treatment plant and two wastewater collectors. By now the improvements also include removal of all old septic tanks, replacement of asbestos-cement water pipes and expansion of the water supply network.

Around 10 000 households are already connected to the main drain and thus enjoy the benefits in terms of health and installation procedures, in comparison to the usage of septic tanks. The sewage system currently almost covers the entire city of Bijeliijna. All the new facilities meet the European standards and have been ascertained by various tests, the EBRD reported.

The renovation of the new water system was needed due to the increased population of Bijeliijna and the increased diseases caused by impure water in the region. The water purifying system will help decrease the number of kidney diseases in the area.

The wastewater system now covers many households and has the capacity to accommodate further expansions, the EBRD emphasized.
It is estimated that more than 35 000 people will benefit from the renovated modern water system for clean water. Along with this specific financial support, the donating institutions help with the technical aspect of the project management and implementation.