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Bonaplast was founded in 1979 as an Ltd company and has been operating as an Inc company since 1988 with the same founders. Its state-of-the-art facilities are located in Markopoulos, in Attika (Merenda district) and they cover a 4000 sq. m area with staged buildings, on a total area of 15 000 sq. m. 

They are located around 25 km away from the centre of Athens and 5 km away from the El. Venizelos airport.

“With coordinated endeavors from all of our partners and many successful management decisions, the once small company was transformed into a competitive and notable company, holding a big share of the high standard product packaging market, using first class material from well known and approved suppliers from abroad, always with respect on the nature and the environment”, state company representatives.

Bonaplast is certified with an EN ISO 9001:2008 from TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS for the entire production process, and at the recently created sector of food packaging it’s certified with an EN ISO 22000:2005. In the sector of food packaging, the company has made a dynamic entry by making package production units in a specially constructed place, covering every condition provided from the national and community legislation.

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