Bistra Todorova, General Manager, Bistra Todorova 99 Co., (Bulgaria): This is our first year of participation at the Electronica Fair

EventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 6/2006

The company: Bistra Todorova 99 Co. is manufacturing monophase transformers ranging from 5VA to 10kVA, three-phase transformers from 1kVA to 40 kVA, chokes, autotransformers, coils, etc.; products based on user-defined requirements – audio transformers, stationary and portable transformer in cases to be used at construction sites, high voltage transformers, etc. We have developed and implemented a quality management system ISO 9001:2000. Presently our production facilities are located in Sofia.

At Electronica 2006: This is our first year of participation at the Electronica Fair. I can definitely say the interest to Bulgaria in general right now is high in view of the forthcoming EU accession. There was interest to our company in particular as well. Serious inquiries came from companies who employ transformers in small to medium quantities and such orders are very expensive in the Western countries. We have special attitude to our customers – flexible production and design approach and short delivery terms. All the more that after export customs formalities to the EU drop off trade will be facilitated.

Company’s results: The results from the Fair surpassed our prognostic expectations – we are definitely well satisfied and we plan to participate again. Of course, we cannot expect miracles in our first year of participation.

We established contacts with serious companies at the Fair. I do hope these contacts will become long-term business relationships but this is still to be seen in the future. Besides, we established contacts with new subcontractors. This is very important to us.

Most interesting products: Quite serious interest was expressed mainly to the three-phase transformers and the chokes. These products are larger and more expensive and their production is a more responsible task.