Automatic Taping Machine adds Support for Small Devices

IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2006

Adaptsys – the specialized in providing programming equipment for integrated circuits and innovative products for the tape-and-reel industry (including manual and automatic equipment, component counters, peel-force testers and tape splicers), European supplier- announces that the popular V-TEK TM-4450 is now available with support for taping of small devices including SOT23, 0805 and 0603 packages. The introduction of this support allows even more packages to be placed into tapes, allowing them to fed efficiently to automatic pick and place machines. The TM-4450 supports devices fed from either a tube or a bowl, and offers a wide range of features to maximise reliability. The system offers placement speeds of up to 4500 UPH (units per hour), dependant upon the device type.

The TM-4450 is specifically designed for environments that demand quick changeover and reliable setup. The Universal Tube Feeder and Universal Adjustable Heat and PSA Sealer combine to allow the component being taped to be changed with minimal downtime, making the system ideal for applications where there is a high mix and medium volumes. By providing enhanced tape advance motion, with a customized ramp-up and ramp-down profile, the TM-4450 ensures smooth tape advance, preventing the risk of a “pop corn” effect. The dual-stage sealer uses a very short and soft stroke that will not impact the parts in pocket and proper device placement in pocket is guaranteed by enhanced control of the tape positioning.

The TM-4450 supports the rotation of components by +/- 90° or 180°, and handles tape widths from 8 to 72mm. Empty pocket detection and jam-in-track sensors are provided as standard, ensuring errors are detected before the tape is taken from the machine. The touch-screen operator interface allows intuitive control over job setup. In-feeder optical inspection for mark, orientation and implied coplanarity and reject into tube for parts in 12-44mm carrier tape are available as options. For customers with special requirement, the Adaptsys “white glove” service is available to develop solutions that meet their specific needs.

V-TEK has 20 years experience of developing systems for automatic handling of small devices, and offers a comprehensive range of pick solutions (nozzles), as well as a choice of place solutions, which offer a combination of placement height, vacuum level and blowoff level.