Assembleon with the new MG-2 chipshooter at Apex 2006

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2006

The MG-2 provides the ultimate in high-speed, high-mix, high-accuracy production for applications such as automotive, memory boards and PC peripherals. It can be used standalone to deliver chipshooting speeds up to 40k cph at lowest cost per placement. Or it can be used alongside the MG-1 and/or MG-8 multifunctional machines to boost line performance in applications requiring additional chipshooting capacity.

The MG-2 features a high-precision dual-gantry system carrying four beams, each with six heads. It places components from 01005 to CSP, BGA, PLCC and QFP with a maximum size of 14mm2, with placing accuracy of 50 micron at 3 sigma for chips.

Benefits of the MG-2 include a small footprint and functional flexibility within the M-Series range. The MG-2 uses the same user interface, feeders, feeder trolleys and spare parts as the MG-1 and MG-8.

The MG-2 accepts 96 smart feeders and accommodates tape, stick, and bulk feeders. The smart feeders are equipped with the latest RFID technology to enable fast and easy machine set-up and provide a real-time component inventory check.