Arrow Turkey - relatively young, but with solid reputation on the market

InterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2006

Arrow is present in Turkey since 7 years. We met Suleyman Tuccar, Arrow Turkey Sales & Marketing Manager, who has given some information about the opportunities offered by Arrow Elektronik.

May you spend few words by talking about the history of Arrow Turkey?

Arrow Turkey was established in 1999 based in Istanbul after a period of collaboration between Arrow Southern Europe and a local distributor. Turkey was one of the countries part of an extensive program who saw Arrow Southern Europe focused in the last 8 years with the clear aim of acting as a protagonist throughout Eastern Europe.

Which are the points of strength characterizing AT and how the company proposes itself on the market?

Although Arrow Turkey is relatively young company, some people have already 25 years of Turkish market experience. Combining this experience with the huge knowledge and background of Arrow Inc, we have now a very solid reputation on the market. A 14-people company with Inside Sales, Field Sales, Field Application groups, Local Finance Department and Local and Free Zone warehouses, Arrow is very well organised to serve and support effectively every typology and level of customers. We can mention some of the strengths of Arrow:

- Delivering goods via local warehouses (Free Zone and local one): Arrow is the only global distributor who makes local sales. With such service Arrow is able to release flexibility and speed avoiding bureaucracy and waste of time for the importation, to several small & medium customers.

- Arrow Southern Europe organization based in Italy, strongly supports Arrow Turkey operation with 120M EU valued warehouse, more than 50 Application Engineers and with Marketing, Logistic and Finance departments which is in total more than 500 people.

- With the on-line connection to all Arrow sites of the world, we are able to reach 1,5 Billion USD inventory and we can provide fast response availability, price and technical information.

- Wide semiconductor & passive component supplier portfolio, allow us to reply to all the needs of customers from MCU to resistor. This is giving them a big advantage by having KITTING, consolidating shipment and realizing, in few word, a “one stop shopping approach”.

- Arrow can offer a Buffer Stock for the customers to secure their production.

Besides all above advantages, Arrow is a very well known for its qualified service and suppliers portfolio.

Which are the reference sectors and which typology of customers AT is mainly focused on?

Turkish market is mainly based on consumer applications. Additional markets are Industrial Electronics, Telecom and Military. The biggest portion of the electronic business turns around these sectors. Automotive is also a very promising market.

Turkish customers are very active and a lot of them are continuously looking for new opportunities even going outside Turkey. Today consumer customers export is about 85-90% of their production. Some industrial customers are exporting also to Far East countries.

In Turkey, 7 big automotive companies like Fiat, Ford, Toyota, Honda, etc. and some truck and bus companies like Mercedes, have manufacturing plants. Up to today, electronic parts was mostly coming ready. But, day by day, Turkish customers are increasing their activities also in this sector.

How AT is structured from the point of view of the technical support and how is supporting the strategic choices of the customers?

All Field Sales and Field Application team are Electronic Engineers. Especially 3 Field Application Engineers are very much dedicated on design activities of the customers. Their main task is to help the customer in all the phases of design activity starting from product selection, samples, development kit, datasheets and application notes, till technical problem solving.

As a broad line distributor, Arrow is able to supply all kind of solutions for the customer needs from Microcontrollers to LCD, from Sensor to Resistor, from Connector to software licences. Whenever customer looks for any product or solution, Arrow specialists are ready to support customers for a winning solution.

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