ARROW is now also in Romania

InterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2007

As foreseen in our previous interview in the September issue in SEEIM magazine, Arrow made another step ahead in the direction of enhancing its presence in Eastern countries.

We have in fact established the 4th branch office in that area located in Romania, to be precise in Cluj Napoca that is an area recently impacted by a strong and fast development where several foreign companies are going to establish significant factory locations. Furthermore, Cluj is equidistant from some of the most productive areas, like Timisoara, Arad, Brasov, Iasi and others.

More in general, the sudden and continuous growth of the local economy and the migration of global customer’s production to Romania are the two main ingredients which brought us to make the decision to be definitely present over there.

Our office is very close to the airport and the location can allow us to support future investments on new human resources. It is notorious how Arrow is a Demand Creation oriented company and we believe it will be crucial to have an approach to the market based on technical support and massive information about new products development. It is already in place from our side a research of electronic engineers, on this purpose, every people with the proper profile, located in both Cluj and Bucharest, can get contact with us to the following email address:

We are today more than ever encouraged to pursue our expansion program in Eastern countries and not only, also thanks to the great result reached as Arrow in 2006 with a growth close to 20% versus the previous year and with worldwide sales of 13.6 B$. Such a result will allow us to reinforce our level on investment needed to generate and propose to our customers and suppliers innovative services and solutions.

Concerning our suppliers, I want to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to those who are spending significant effort in order to support us in our start-up phase in Romania.


The address of ARROW ELECTRONICE is:
Str. Traian Vuia, Nr. 126, Apt. 1
400397 Cluj Napoca
Tel: +40 264 417 251
Fax: +40 264 417 253

In order to get contact directly with the local organization for any kind of information and request:

Arrow really looks forward to getting in contact with you!