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InterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 5/2006

Arrow is present in Greece since 10 years. We met Constantinos Danos, Arrow Electronics Hellas Sales Manager, who has given some information about the opportunities offered to the electronic Greek market by Arrow Hellas.

May you spend few words by talking about the history of Arrow Electronics Hellas?

Arrow came to Greece in 1996 and founded Arrow Electronic Hellas (AEH).
Today part of the original staff, junior at that time, is still aboard and they have grown together with our company, sharing and inspiring the new employees Arrow’s mentality and market approach.
Arrow Electronics Hellas is today a 7-people company, covering all the market’s needs.
Our future plan is to make AEH stronger and stronger, by supporting our market with tenacity but also with the know how acquired in all this years.

Which are the points of strength characterizing AEH and how does the company propose itself on the market?

Arrow Electronics Hellas uses the global strength of Arrow having access to our major warehouses and suppliers, as well as the flexibility and power of a local company with local warehouse that is kept in order to serve, on the spot, high running needs, specific stocked parts for specific customers, development tools and everything needed to give our customers the best service.
Our driving mechanism is teamwork, our goal is to be the clear N°1 in our market.
Arrow’s consistency and quick responses to customer’s demand together with the personal relations built during years of collaboration have created an environment of trust.
The knowledge of Arrow’s people also plays a significant role in providing and showing the customers our ability to perform each task and to be a real partner for them.

Which are the reference sectors and which typology of customers AEH is mainly focused on?

The Greek market is mainly Industrial and Telecom, and Military.
Arrow Electronics Hellas is following these sectors, working with Big and Medium customers, which represent 90 % of its total turnover.
In every sector our suppliers play the most important role in our design activity.

How is AEH structured from the point of view of the technical support and how does it support the strategic choices of the customers?

Our task is to stand by our customer from the beginning of a new design till after sales support.
Based on that, we have been developing our technical assistance covering all product portfolio of AEH with specialized sales and technical resources for each segment, Micros, FPGAs, Digital and Telecom Ics, being all the time present at the moment of customers need and decision.
The growth of our market share over the last years, is proving the quality of our activity in the technical support area.

Technical support for us means:

- Live Technical workshops for variety customers or at customer’s premises;
- Seminars;
- e-mailings, mailings;
- Lending Development Tools h/w & s/w.

We want to work together with the customers providing the best solution (cost and quality) to make their products successful in the market.

How do you see the future?

The electronic’s market in Greece is not outperforming in terms of size and growth even if small signs are visible in terms of new companies and applications.
Nevertheless Arrow is committed to continuously support the Greek market and to contribute to its development.

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