Anatoli Dimitrov, Electrostart: Our products start up the light in more than 40 countries worldwide

LightingInterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2014

Anatoli Dimitrov, dipl.eng, Chairman of Electrostart’s Board of Directors and CEO

Mr. Dimitrov, please tell us in brief about the Electrostart’s production and activities.
Electrostart is the sole Bulgarian manufacturer of ballasts for almost all kind of lighting devices. For decades, our company is among the major employers’ in North-Western Bulgaria. In the last several years, we are between the most innovative Bulgarian companies in IT enterprise provision and production resource planning.

Electrostart is well known brand on the markets of more than 40 countries worldwide and we constantly enlarge our customer and product portfolio as well. At present, we offer electronic and conventional ballasts, transformers, pulse ignitors, LED drivers developed and manufactured in our factory in Varshets. In addition, we are building our own production site for electronic components of the latest generation.

Which areas of lighting have the greatest potential for development at this moment?
It seems to me that the most popular slogan, not only in our industry this year is: "The best energy is the unconsumed energy." This phrase sums up a lot of potential and direction for research and new applications of LED technology in lighting. At present, the fields of application of LED products are mainly related to the lighting and lighting of the public buildings, advertising.

Setting standards for LED lamps, lowering the cost of LED modules and achieving even better performance lighting and heat flux of light, are strong prerequisites for expanding the areas of LED technology application. Electrostart has a clear strategy and priorities for development, electronics is the future and its newest developments and applications.

To which foreign markets your goods are exported?
97% of the Electrostart production is exported. We have longstanding commercial relations with the Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan and others.) and they are one of our biggest customers. Another group of countries in which we sell are Russia and the former Soviet republics Ukraine, Belarus.

The third group are almost all European countries. And the fourth group of countries where we deliver our products are South American countries - Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile. In the last six months to our client portfolio we have add Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Iraq.

Do you apply an environmentally friendly policy. What initiatives have you taken?
We do business in responsible manner. We have implemented formal environmental policy and all activities are governed in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001: 2004.

Of course our industry requires strict application of the latest industry standards for energy efficiency of the products themselves, and prudent management of raw materials for their production, we strictly follow.