An important alliance in the world of machine tools

MachinesNewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2010

TACCHELLA MACCHINE and MORARA-De.Ci.Ma merged in IMT – Italian Machine Tools, the Holding company of PARITEL operating in the world of machine tools. Alberto Tacchella – with other members of Tacchella’s family - has invested in IMT by acquiring a remarkable part of the share-holding.
IMT – Italian Machine Tools, with the brand-names Morara-De.Ci.Ma and Tacchella Macchine is showing up as a new player with an exhaustive product range, in the world of grinding machines apt to compete by excellence on a global market, with Morara playing a strong role in the so-called “BRIC” area (Brazil, Russia, India and China) with the machines for internal grinding, the heavy-duty machines for the naval, railway sector and with special grinders and the leading role of Tacchella Macchine in Europe, with the solutions for high production, automotive, aerospace industry and with the universal grinding machines for high precision engineering. Finally, the Italian market where Morara and Tacchella together, are undisputed leaders in the sector of machine tools.
“The IMT-Italian Machine Tools project is the realization of an industrial plan in support of development and profitability, allowing business consolidation and the defence of trade-marks, apt to create strong points of advantage over competitors  and to appeal financial partners” stated Mr. Luca Peli, Chairman of IMT during his presentation.
“It’s a reply to recession, a positive decision, cast into future, to join resources and win the global challenge with the intent to defend the trade-marks and the companies owning technological excellence. IMT is the first step of an alliance strategy which is already planning other ones” concluded Mr. Peli.