Ales Jenko, Socomec: The main target of our new organization is to be more customer-oriented

EnergyInterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2014

Mr. Ales Jenko,
Area manager for ECE at Socomec

What is the new organizational structure of Socomec? What are the purpose and the significance of the structural changes?
The main target of our new organization is to be more customer-oriented. What does it mean?
• Follow more closely our customers, offering them better support and a more personalized contact;
• Offer a more complete solution to our customers: a solutions and services approach complementary with the sales of our products;
• Develop our leadership & specialization in 4 areas: Critical Power, Power Control & Safety, Energy Performance Solution, Solar Power;
• Reinforce our position as an Energy specialist (Pooling of resources for research and development);
• Improve our pre-sales process: more resources in sales support, better advice, better taking into account customers needs;
• Improve support and service to our customers through an industrial organization and a unique Supply Chain at the Group level.

How will the new organizational order affect your activities in Bulgaria? What advantages will it provide and how will it influence your marketing strategy in the region?
New organization will give opportunity for more effective sales activities; possibility to provide expert solution for low voltage networks. Only one/exclusive distributor on Bulgarian market with better market coverage. If we follow the market request via exclusive distributor than we have one complete marketing policy; seminars dedicated to complete product range of Socomec, WEB activities dedicated to advertise all products, to optimize our database for local internet search engine ( e.g.

What is the importance of your cooperation with DTS for the success of Socomec’s business? Which are the key solutions that you promote on the local market?
We start cooperation in 1995 with distribution of UPS products only. DTS become expert on the field, they have excellent after sales team, superb technical knowledge. It was logical decision to focus on the other Socomec products. As they are system specialist (genset, circuit breakers) they can offer Socomec to wide sales channels.

What were the highlights of Socomec’s presentation at the traditional DTS’s Technical Day seminar in Sofia? What are your impressions of the event?
This event is one of the most visited in CEE region. During last 4 years lots of Bulgarian specialist attend these events, so we are quite confident that this seminars have ”power” and ”meaning” in Bulgaria. I will not say that we are the most famous, but surely we are sharing the technical knowledge to the attenders that no other did it before. I may say, we are trying to make Socomec known as a partner of trust who knows the technology, market demands and capable to offer a full support.

In what direction does your company plan to further develop on the Bulgarian market? What shall we expect of Socomec and DTS in future?
Founded in 1922, Socomec is an industrial group with a workforce of 3100 people. Our core business is the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks with increased focus on our customers’ power performance.

The Socomec Group’s independence ensures control over its own decision making, respecting the values advocated by its own family shareholders and shared by its employees. With around 30 subsidiaries located on all five continents, Socomec pursues international development by targeting industrial and service applications where the quality of its expertise makes all the difference.

Based on its recent research on the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) market, Frost & Sullivan presents Socomec with the 2013 European Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Differentiation Excellence. Already established in the market as a company that delivers high-quality products and specializes in product customization, Socomec’s level of product differentiation is one of the key reasons for its continuing market penetration and customer acquisition.

Twenty years after shaking up the electrical measurement market with the DIRIS system, the first multi-measurement solution, SOCOMEC is once again leading the way with its latest technological innovation: DIRIS Digiware, a totally modular and flexible energy measurement and monitoring system.

This is the main direction which Socomec plans to further develop on the Bulgarian market. So you’ll have to expect by the side of Socomec and DTS a strong market invasion towards the electrical measurement market with the DIGIWARE system and also towards the autonomous power supply systems by the Green Power Range of Socomec which is on the TOP of the UPS market.

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