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Winegrowing and winemaking traditionally represent one of the important sectors in the Albanian economy. Climatic conditions in the country are favorable for production of high-quality wines, characterized by unique sweetness and indigenous varieties. There are over 100 ecotypes of grapes in Albania, 40 of them were being researched and generally cultivated in vineyards.

Some of the most important wineries in Albania are Cobo, Luani, Bardha, Arberi, Sara, Vintage, Rilindja, Skenderbeu, Kardinal and Kokomani. Cobo winery currently produces 100,000 bottles annually, and the company has the capacity to increase production in near future. Cobo wine is quickly attracting world-wide attention and has been represented at several wine expositions.

Luani’s production capacity goes to 4000 tonnes/year. Its well known products have participated in series of fairs organized in Albania, France and Italy. Recently, Luani invested in new production line for the proccessing of grape; new tubs for the fermenting and aging of production; new pumps for the transportion of the wine and completes the coolong system and the filling, labelling, and packing lines in the winery.

Albania is currently engaged in efforts to increase its profile as a source of quality wines. The indigenous varieties Debina, Mereshnik and Serine are joined by better-known, international varieties such as Riesling and Furmint (the grape most famous for its role in Tokaji).

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