Electronics IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2015

Acom designs, manufactures high quality High Frequency (HF) equipment, HF antennas and antenna crank-up masts. Its products are sold in 110 countries around the world.
The company was established in 1989. Its activities include: design, manufacture and sale worldwide of audio and radio amplifying technology. Acom was the first company from Bulgaria to supply electronics for the most competitive markets in the world simultaneously - USA, Germany, Japan. 100% of the company`s production is exported.

Acom is working closely with a young engineers program at the Sofia Technical University. The company registers growth in sales for existing products and is developing a large portfolio of new innovation technologies which can be used in a variety of industries with higher organic growth rates.

In 2011, Acom started a joint venture with a large global private equity fund for development of other innovative products outside the pure amplification technology. Among the company’s key products are: high frequency (HF) equipment used in radio communication industry, HF antennas for commercial, government and amateur markets, antenna crank-up masts, systems for short range network radio communications, etc.

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