MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2014

AAB POMPA ve MAKINA SAN.TIC manufacturing and production determination is special and standard impermeability production which started in 1987 on a 100 m2 machine-shop as a Fuat SAHIN-BIROL GUR conpartnership under the title of UNIVERSAL OZEL MEKANIK SIZDIRMAZLIK ELEMANLARI SAN. VE TIC.

"Our successful production under the registered brand UNIVERSAL not only meets our customers’ necessities and productions but also prepares a cleaner and healthier future for the next generations by means of waste pruficarion, operations for saving nature and environment. Design and high quality of our products reassure us that we are in the right path, excite and hearten us for our plans", stated from the company.

Its product portfolio includes stainless steel chemical pumps, mechanical seals, monomer pumps, fuel pumps, organic liquids pumps, homogenitator, dispenser under the trade mark AAB HOMOJENIZATOR, UNISEP ENDUSTRIYEL POMPA and UNIVERSAL MECHANICAL SEALS.