A new combined cycle gas unit in TPP-HP Novi Sad

EnergyProjectsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2012

A new combined cycle gas unit will be constructed at the existing TPP-HP Novi Sad location in the coming years. The unit is planned to produce up to 3,3 billion KWh of electrical energy annually, out of which 840 million KWh would be delivered to Novi Sad. Improvement of the existing technology of steam cycle unit in TPP-HP Novi Sad and introduction of a modern technology in regards to production of electrical and thermal energy in cogeneration, will provide primary fuel savings - natural gas - for some 30%.

In order to successfully implement the project, JP Elektroprivreda Srbije and the City of Novi Sad founded in July 2009 a joint company - Energija a.d. Novi Sad (ENS), while the procedure for strategic partner selection is underway. In the process of additional capital formation with ENS, the City invests the plot of land with existing infrastructure and JP EPS invests existing plant TPP-HP Novi Sad. The selected strategic partner is expected to participate in the additional capital formation through investment of approximately 200 million Euro, used for constructing a new steam-gas power plant. ENS will, therefore, become independent, mixed ownership producer of electrical and thermal energy.

In regards to procedure for strategic partner selection, deadline for submitting tender documents was set for 01 December 2010, while it is expected for the new plant to start producing first kilowatts in cogeneration already in 2014.

We should bear in mind that the European Commission has set an objective - the share of electrical energy produced in cogeneration must reach 18% at a national level. Today in Serbia, cogeneration participates with less than one percent. The capacities are obviously underestimated, despite the fact that cogeneration might play significant role in raising the level of efficiency in using primary energy, with subsequent contribution to diminishing negative influence to environment.

A significant and comprehensive reconstruction and modernization of administration system has been initiated in TPP-HP Novi Sad in 2008. The modern administration system is based on computer technology and full automation, which raises the level of safety and security of the plant’s operation and advances the energy efficiency in the work of the overall system. The plan is for the management system of the whole plant to be entirely modernized by the end of this year.

Source: Panonske Thermal Power Plant-Heating Plant