3rd edition of ECOTEC - Environmental Technologies & Photovoltaic Systems exhibition

Automation & RoboticsEventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2010

The demand for a green, sustainable development is nowadays getting more critical and the action of the government, Local Administrations and citizens for ecological actions in daily life is remarkably growing. These facts have already given energy to the 3rd edition of the international exhibition ECOTEC - Environmental Technologies & Photovoltaic Systems, which is organized by T Expo, being held from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th of April 2010, in the Expo Athens exhibition centre in Anthoussa Attica.
The number of participants, on both national and international level, is impressively increasing, proving among others that the new and rapidly growing market of environmental technologies has found in ECOTEC - of two successful previous editions - the place to meet with its high demands.
The main target of the 3rd edition is to achieve an even greater completeness of exhibits - expanding the range of categories in new areas of environmental technologies - enhancing its international profile.
Ecotec - Environmental Technologies & Photovoltaic Systems specializes in the sectors of Renewable energy sources, recycling, urban and industrial waste management, energy saving, eco building, alternative fuel, environmental restoration, etc.
The exhibition is framed by the Ecoforum a 4-day convention for environmental technologies in which important personalities from Greece and abroad will participate, showing great interest for executives of Local Administrations and municipalities.
Confirmations have already been made in the frame of this national convention, including conferences by ELEATAEN (Hellenic Wind Energy Association), PASEPPE (Greek Association of Environmental Protection Companies), ECOWEEK, QUALITY NET and Mr. Antonis MAvropoulos President of the Scientific Committee of ISWA.