31st International Technical Fair in Bucharest

EventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 5/2005

This year’s 31st International Technical Fair TIB took place in Romanian capital Bucharest on October 4-8. Participants were specialists from 1146 companies, of which 624 Romanian and 522 foreign, by 15 per cent more than at the previous edition. Products, technical decisions and services represented companies from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, etc. This year’s Technical fair took the exhibiting area: 47 000 sq. m, of which 35 000 sq. m indoors and 12 000 sq. m on the outdoor platforms.

The companies in International Technical Fair were structured in several shows according to line of work, as follows - Electronics, electrotechnics, controls; Power generation; Metallurgy; Welding; Mechanical engineering; Mechanical gear; Chemistry/Oil chemistry; Pumps, compressors, fittings, hydraulics; Transportation; Telecommunications; Services and National participation. The opening ceremony of TIB 2005 had George Cojocaru, President Director-General of Romexpo S.A. as host and Traian Basescu, President of Romania as guest of honour. Measuring by their presence the importance that TIB has for the development of the Romanian industry, high-ranking officials and political and economic personalities attended the event.

"The Bucharest International Technical Fair has become a tradition. This year, at its 31st edition, TIB seams to announce the forthcoming Romanian integration in the European Union. A 15 per cent increase in the number of participants, no less than 1 200 exhibitors—this is an impressive business card for any international fair. It doesn’t take long to figure out the motivation of such sizeable participation in TIB 2005. It is obvious that Romania’s performance over the past five years, the sustainable economic growth of a substantial over 5 per cent of the GDP, and the forthcoming EU integration on 1 January 2007 definitely stimulate the business community to make offers", said Romanian President Traian Basescu welcomed TIB.

TIB 2005 Medals

The jury assessed the 78 exhibits in the contest, as well as other products presented within TIB 2005. The eligibility criteria were technical novelty; technology degree; performance; market impact; design, economic aspect; environmental protection; compatibility with international standards.

 Among awards were:
  • Elba S.A.: Permanent safety
    lighting fixtures;
  • Micro-Top Consulting, Engineering & Service S.R.L.: Data acquisition and
    process statistic control system;
  • Medirom S.R.L.: Indy street lighting system
  • Ronexprim S.R.L.: Fluke-type electric outfit tester
  • FEPA S.A.: HART compatible temperature regulator and adapter, type RTT
  • Micronix Plus S.R.L.: ThermoVision
    high speed camera
  • Omnisud S.R.L.: MIG/MAG inverter welding device
  • Cisimpex S.R.L.: VM2 vertical
    process centre
  • Roca Group S.R.L.:
    Welding and handling robot
  • Eol International: Water jet cutting machine
  • Fanuc Robotics Czech Sro: Industrial robot
  • Corner Prod S.R.L.: Reducers
  • INCDIE ICPE-CA: Computerised bench
    for testing synchronous electric generators
  • Ecosab S.R.L.: Multi-Zone
    painting-drying cabinet
  • Famatech S.R.L.: Thermal screen
  • Timpuri Noi S.A.: ECR helical compressor
  • Kaeser Kompressoren: SK24T
    rotary compressor
  • Hidromecanica S.A.: H.4. turboblower
  • Pifati S.A.: Thermal getter
  • Ruris Impex S.R.L.: Ruris 650T motorbit
  • Hydramold S.R.L.: Flexible technological equipment for cable straining
  • Mefin S.A., Sinaia: P8000 injection equipment
  • EL Car Igescu SNC: IGERO medium
    capacity city bus
  • Electric Media S.R.L.: Circular LED screens (360°)
  • Bronto Skylift AG: Telescopic platform
  • National Mecatronics Centre: Test bench for mecatronic products
  • Termodensirom S.A.:
    Thermo-alcoholmeter kit
  • UMEB S.A.: Diesel engine electric
    generator set
  • Siku Rom S.R.L.: CR 018 thermostat
  • Hidraulica UM Plopeni S.A.:
    PB100 gear pump.