1st International Exhibition "FETEC 2005 - Factory equipment", Athens, Greece

EventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2005

The exhibition

Since 1991, “Technoekdotiki” has been striving to supply information on technical issues with punctuality and impartiality by its monthly magazines, its special publications, its exhibitions and conferences and has gained the absolute trust of the business world of Greece. “Metadosi Ischios” (Power Transmission), a monthly magazine has been dominating since 1995 the world of industry, providing a reliable and clear picture of the technological improvements and the products available in the market. During this decade of being close with the specific market, the absence of an important link in the chain of information has been determined: an exhibition focused on this subject with the proper quality, completeness and publicity. An exhibition that needs to be presented with professionalism and prestige so that it attracts its real target audience, the industrial world. Having deep knowledge of the market and wide experience in organizing exhibitions, "Technoekdotiki" took the initiative to organize the 1st International Exhibition "FETEC 2005 – Factory equipment", which will be taking place every two years in Athens aiming to be established as an institution in Greece.

Auspices – Supports

"FETEC 2005 Factory equipment" is under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and of the Federation of Greek Industies and it is supported by the following associations and federations: Federation of Industries of Northern Greece, Hellenic Association of Chemical Industries Hellenic Industrial Subcontracting Association Association of Greek Chemists Hellenic Association of Chemical Engineers Metallurgical Industrial Research & Technological Development Centre S.A

The place

The 1st international exhibition "FETEC 2005Factory equipment" will take place in the recently renovated Mediterranean Exhibition Centre (MEC) in Peania, Athens, which consists of 4 halls, covering a surface area of 20.000 square meters in total. It is located on Lavriou Avenue and it is within easy reach of the city, the national roads and the airport using Attiki highway (exit 17). It offers spacious parking, has an air-conditioning and ventilation system, conference area, a restaurant and a bar; thus providing exhibitors and visitors with exceptional comfort.

The time

The gates of "FETEC 2005Factory equipment" will be open to the public from Friday, the 21st of October 2005.The operating hours will be:
Friday, 21st of October: 13h00 - 21h00 Saturday, 22nd of October: 10h00 - 21h00 Sunday, 23rd of October: 10h00 - 21h00 Monday, 24th of October: 13h00 - 20h00

The exhibitors

At "FETECFactory equipment", dealers, importers and manufacturers of all kinds of industrial equipment and components, material and fabrication machinery, industrial networks, automation systems (for motion, control, packaging, transport) mechanical equipment for the transmission of motion, the transport and transformation of mass and power, systems for the protection of the equipment and the safety of the staff, will exhibit their innovations. Additionally, companies of industrial subcontracting, software, tools, etc. will also be present.

The visitors

The first major exhibition of industrial and factory equipment taking place in Greece, is expected to attract engineers and technicians from all sectors of industry, from big commercial companies, construction companies, hotels, shipyards, technical companies, etc. Additionally, technical managers from public corporations and municipalities, agents and traders from the whole of Greece as well as foreign representatives.