10th International specialized exhibition Balkan Packaging

EventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 5/2006

The special event for packaging, machines, materials, recycling, printing in Bulgaria

The 10th International specialized exhibition Balkan Packaging took place between 1 and 4 November 2006, in Festivalna Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria. Throughout the years the International Specialized Exhibition BalkanPac 2006 has established itself as an effective means for making face-to-face contacts with industry professionals from Bulgaria and the Balkans. The show will offer you the perfect platform for building quality business relationships with companies from the region.

A different show

We do a targeted mailing and personally invite distributors, manufacturers and traders from Bulgaria, the Balkan countries and the rest of Europe to visit BalkanPac 2006. Visitors are professionals from the packaging branch and all industry sectors – exactly the people you need. Therefore this is not simply a trade event, but a place to do business, study local markets and accumulate new knowledge.

BalkanPac 2006 offered:

• Promotion of your products among industry professionals – traders and manufacturers;
•Attract new clients and business opportunities;
•Study the local market;
•Possibility to exchange and acquire knowledge through the seminars and other accompanying events;
•New ideas for your business;
•Interesting parallel programme – specialized seminars and the traditional contest “Prize Pack” for best packaging;
•Supply-Demand Exchange (Search/Find stand) – a specially designated place where every exhibitor or visitor can display information about products or services sought or offered;
•Mini-Labour Exchange – offers employers details of young specialists seeking work in the packaging industry.

Bulgaria – a new market potential

At present, in Bulgaria, as well as in other Eastern European countries, the demand for packaging machines, equipment, and materials is growing. The new packaging law, the recycling and separate collecting requirements demand the need of dissemination of know-how, best practices and applying of new technologies. Consumer demand is increasing and boosting the requirements for specialized packaging materials.

With the improving economic climate in Bulgaria, not only the quality of the goods but also the quality of the packaging is at a much higher standard. The efforts towards a free market mechanisms and increased imports have resulted in greater consumer expectations towards the quality of packages and packaging materials. Increasing competition among the Bulgarian producers also drives them towards more attractive and higher quality packages. Another factor pushing this trend is Bulgaria’s membership in CEFTA and its desire for the forthcoming accession in the EU. Companies involved in packaging industry faced challenging and prospective market.

Step on one of the fastest developing regions in Europe

According to EBRD, the economic outlook in South-Eastern Europe continues to be boosted by the prospect of EU membership for Bulgaria and Romania in 2007. Average GDP growth rose to 6.4 per cent in 2004 compared with 4.4 per cent in 2003. Growth in Albania, Bulgaria and Romania continued strongly while growth in Serbia and Montenegro rose to 7.1 per cent (from 3 per cent in 2003) following substantial improvements in agriculture and manufacturing.

Bulgaria: The high GDP growth and predictable macro-economic environment make the country a stability factor in SE Europe and offer favourable investment opportunities. The plastics packaging sector is demonstrating considerable growth potential.