10th International Energy Fair and 11th EcoFair 2014

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13 - 16.10.2014 - Belgrade Fair Grounds, Serbia

The Fair exhibitions dedicated to energy and ecology have been held simultaneously for a number of years, attracting great interest among participants and the visitors alike. Energy 2014 and EcoFair 2014 are held this autumn, from 13th to 16th October.

The 10th Energy Fair is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Mining and Energy, while the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection is the sponsor of 11th EcoFair.
Belgrade Fair partner in organizing these two events is the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, i.e. Board for the Protection of Human Environment and SCC Sustainable Development, as well as Energy Association of the Serbian Chamber.

Economical situation in the country and elsewhere were not the obstacle for numerous exhibitors to be presented at the forthcoming fairs. A month before the beginning of the events, businessmen and representatives of organizations and associations from the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Poland and Norway have announced their participation. The Czech firms will be presented as an organized display with 25 exhibitors at both events.

The Fairs are traditionally gathering NIS - Gazprom Neft, EPS with its public enterprises, various business associations in the fields of energy and environment protection - "Elektromasinogradnja" with its founder members, "Hrabri cistac", etc. Visitors will have an opportunity to see what Croatian electrical industry is offering through the appearance of the company "Koncar", as well as Elektrovat, Montavar, ABB, ATB Sever, Migros, CAM-TOP, Schmidt Communale, Woith Turbo, Engineering Dobersek, Apex, Sempertrans, SME WIND, Elektroservice, Planet-solar, Elnos BL, Mikro Kontrol, Dal, the Town of Vranje, Kart Eco, Eko Metal and many others.

The 10th International Energy Fair 2014 is dedicated to coal, electric power industry, renewable energy sources, gas and oil and energy efficiency. It presents products and services in categories such as:
Coal -geological prospecting, excavation and loading technologies, transportation, refinement and processing, production process and quality management and homogenizing

Electric power - cogeneration, hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plants, construction and maintenance of power facilities, design, electric power system management, transmission and distribution network

Gas pipeline and storage construction, distribution and trading, storing, industrial plant and household gasification

Oil and gas - refinery and petrochemical processing, research and production, research and production equipment and devices, transportation, oil derivative production, refinery and petrochemical processing equipment and devices, storing and trading, oil and oil derivative transportation, natural gas transportation, oil derivative retail trade.

Energy efficiency
Renewable energy sources
biomass, small hydroelectric power plants, solar energy, geothermal energy, oil shale and wind energy.

ECOFair is an international trade fair for environmental technology and provides its visitors with the latest innovations and techniques from this area. International exhibitors offer solutions for environmental protection, international cooperation and environmental management products. The fair provides an ideal information and communication platform to showcase their products and services to present the market.

The ECOFair will take place on 4 days from Monday, 13 October to Thursday, 16 October 2014 in Belgrade.

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