SpaceCAD, SEEIM - issue 3, 2017


SpaceCAD offers direct metal 3D printing services that produce great results for the most demanding projects

Direct Metal Printing (DMP) is a revolutionary manufacturing technology that makes it possible to produce high quality complex metal parts directly from 3D CAD data. In the machine, a high precision laser is directed to metal powder particles, and it selectively builds up thin horizontal metal layers one after the other. This cutting-edge technology allows for the production of metal parts with challenging geometries, which are otherwise not possible with traditional subtractive or casting technologies. A variety of functional metals are available to print designs, from prototypes to production series of up to 20,000 units.

Parts can be made quickly with minimum material waste, making them ideal for next-generation engineering in the aerospace, medical, automotive, and other industries. Conformal cooling channels greatly improve performance and resistance to thermal stress. With DMP you can also build multiple identical parts on a single platform at the same time, which greatly increases production efficiency.

There are many benefits of 3D printing, especially if you know how to develop your product design to take advantage of them. 3D metal printed parts are fully dense, incorporating complex geometries and precise internal features that cannot be made with traditional machining alone.

With Direct Metal Printing you can produce small and extremely complex shapes with no need for tooling, high quality parts ideal for R&D and serial part manufacturing at the tightest tolerances. At the end of the process you receive the industry‘s best surface finished parts with exceptional accuracy. The production of complex and thin-walled structures allows a significant part weight reduction. You can also produce topology optimized parts and mass customization.

With our 3D Print in Metal services, you can produce great results for the most demanding projects.