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How to prevent dropped communication in critical IoT applications
Jason Tollefson, Microchip Technology We’ve all had it happen: one minute we are talking on a mobile phone, and the next minute our call dropped, and we are disconnected. We feel inconvenienced when this happens. Perhaps we were in the middle of an ... more

North Macedonia to comply with EU energy acquis thorough ESCO projects
Thanks to a new Energy Efficiency Law that the country passed at the end of February, Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESCO) will be implemented in North Macedonia for the first time. The undertakings are facilitated by EBRD through Regional ... more

Electrical lighting equipment production in Turkey
In parallel with the technological advancements developed at full speed on a global scale, lighting systems are also in a process of radical change. There are revolutionary developments such as replacing traditional lamps with LEDs, using electronic ... more

EU renewable energy project in Croatia and Serbia supports public lighting modernization
A renewable energy project, financed by the European Union, supported two Croatian towns and a city in Serbia in improving their energy efficiency. Under the R-Sol-E solar energy initiative the project partners managed to decrease the energy ... more

Lighting products and systems manufacturers in Bulgaria
Lighting components and systems production is a traditional industrial sector in Bulgaria which dates back to the 1940s. Over the years this manufacturing branch has developed into a key segment of the country´s contemporary economy. It has also ... more

20 years of Light + Building: setting trends in lighting and building technology
The 20th anniversary edition of the international trade fair for lighting systems and building technology Light + Building will be held from 8 to 13 March 2020 in Frankfurt am Main. The global exhibition, industry networking and business platform ... more

Croatia modernizes public lighting in 57 municipalities
The platform Balkan Green Energy News, supported by the Center for Promotion of Sustainable Development in the Balkan region, recently announced that Croatia is currently retrofitting public lighting in 32 municipalities under a large-scale project ... more

Smart city infrastructure in Croatia
According to the popular definition, a Smart City is an urban development vision which integrates information and communication technology (ICT) and Internet of things (IoT) technology in order to manage a city’s assets. Among these assets are local ... more

Search results for street lighting Found in advertising publications: 4

Via Expo

Energy, waste management & cities - find out new business partners and solutions EE & RE, Smart Cities and Save the Planet are among the leading B2B events in South-East Europe (SEE). Taking place on 27 - 29 March in Sofia, Bulgaria, the ... more

VIA Expo

South-East Europe is on track with a sustainable development

Exhibition and Forum on Energy Efficiency, Renewables, Smart Cities, Elevators, Environment and Waste Management (5-7 March 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria)

In the context of the ... more

Samel 90





From imagination to reality 18 Prespa ... more


Очакваме Ви на Международна изложба ЕЕ и ВЕИ 13-15 април

София, Интер Експо Център - Зала 2 , щанд 90

за контакт в София: 0885 639350, факс: 02/ 960 0166,

L U M E N I A, Kandrse 7, SI - 1252 Vace, Slovenia


Search results for street lighting Found in company directories: 16

Предлага всички видове лампи, ПРА и запални устройства - за луминесцентни, натриеви и металохалогенни лампи, високочестотни баласти. Осветителни тела за индустриално, улично, спортно, офис осветление и осветление на магазини и търговски обекти. ... more

Директно представителство на турската фирма за осветление Vito Elektrik, която със своята 27 годишна история е доказан партньор в над 50 държави по целия свят, където изнася своите продукти под марките Vito, Vitoone, VitoLed, Vitoraina, Econur. Също ... more

Дианид ЕООД предлага производство, доставка и монтаж на LED осветление. Разполага с най-модерна техника за насищане и запояване на платки, както и лаборатория за развойна дейност в оптоелектрониката. Радостни сме да споделим, че усилията ни през ... more

Индустриално, офис и улично осветление. Аварийно, евакуационно и взривобезопасно осветление. Непрекъсваеми токозахранващи устройства (UPS); специализирани UPS за осветление, миниатюрни UPS за монтаж на DIN шина; проектиране, инженеринг, сервиз. more

УНИКОМ Микросистеми ЕООД предлага цифрови прибори за измерване и системи за управление и автоматизиране на: процеси в енергетиката, металургията, металообработването; електро, топло и водоразпределителни обекти; сгради и др. Продукти: Програмно- ... more

Обследване за енергийна ефективност на промишлени системи и сгради; Оценка на постигнати енергийни спестявания; Сертифициране на сгради; Консултации в строителството и прединвестиционното проектиране, свързани с прилагането на мерки за енергийна ... more

Проектиране, разработване, производство, инженеринг, търговия, системно интегриране и поддръжка на изделия в областта на информационните и комуникационните технологии, системи за национална сигурност и отбрана, системи за сигнализация, навигация и ... more

Производство и доставка на: - Електрически табла: силови, командни и табла за управление предназначени за химическата и горивна техника - Едно и двусекционни електромерни табла за открит и закрит монтаж тип /ТЕМО и ТЕМЗ/ - Електрически табла и ... more

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North Macedonia receives financing to modernise SMEs and build green homes

North Macedonia receives financing to modernise SMEs and build green homes

Funds will be lent on to businesses to upgrade their production processes and equipment to EU standards, in particular with regards to product quality and safety, health and safety measures ... more
TeraPlast Group closes sale of steel companies to Kingspan

TeraPlast Group closes sale of steel companies to Kingspan

TeraPlast has received the second and last notice of approval needed for the transaction to be closed from the Commission for Protection of Competition in Serbia, it said in a ... more
TAP start of gas flows marks a historic step in supply diversification in Southeast Europe

TAP start of gas flows marks a historic step in supply diversification in Southeast Europe

TAP will facilitate gas supplies to South Eastern European countries through prospective interconnectors. In particular, Bulgaria will be able to cover up to 33% of its total gas demand through TAP after the completion of the Interconnector Greece ... more
Serbia cuts EUR 3,2 billion deal with CRBC for environmental protection projects

Serbia cuts EUR 3,2 billion deal with CRBC for environmental protection projects

The government of Serbia agreed with China’s CRBC on building a functional sewerage system and wastewater treatment plants in 65 municipalities across the country. The deal also includes rehabilitating or building six regional landfills ... more